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Heirloom Children's Book Publishers At Heirloom, the children's book publishing imprint of Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, we care passionately about the books that we publish and believe that an exciting lifetime of learning and opportunity should be accessible and open to every child.
Submit Your Manuscript At Heirloom, we devote enormous care to publishing a range of constructive, fun and educational children's books that transcend both geographical and cultural boundaries. Please read our submissions policy below if you are interested in publishing your children's book with Heirloom.
Our Christian Philosophy   Through our Christian ideals, Heirloom strives to be a responsible publisher that promotes the development of children's education, regardless of their social background or denomination. Our goal is to cater to the educational needs of today's children and young adults.

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If you're a children's author and would like to learn more about publishing with Heirloom, please click below to read more about our children's book manuscript submissions policy.

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A Commitment to Learning

We know that part of being a good children's publisher is producing books that parents can use as tools for their child's education.

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The Heirloom Perspective

Learn more about the Christian and responsible publishing philosophy of Heirloom, the independent children's book publishing imprint of Schiel & Denver Publishing Ltd.

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About the Heirloom Imprint

An imprint is a division inside a larger publishing company that operates with a slightly different publishing philosophy, and is limited to publishing a narrower range of ISBN titles. Heirloom is Schiel & Denver Book Publisher's children & young adult imprint, with an experienced editorial and marketing staff of children's book publishing industry insiders. We focus primarily on the children's book retail market and catering to the specific needs of children's authors.

Unlike Schiel & Denver's core book publishing services, Heirloom operates on a submissions-only basis. This is to ensure the children's manuscripts that Heirloom publishes and distributes as ISBN books, are quality learning products, that meet the high literary standards every caring parent expects from a responsible children's book publisher. If you'd like to learn more about submitting your manuscript to Heirloom children's publishers, please read our submissions policy.