Our Christian Philosophy


Through our Christian ideals, Heirloom strives to be a responsible publisher that promotes the development of children's education, regardless of their social background or denomination. Our goal is to cater to the educational needs of today's children and young adults.

We publish picture books, juvenile fiction, and nonfiction – and welcome children's authors who would like to experience Schiel & Denver's global distribution, with the support of a professional publishing team, whilst staying in complete control to the rights and editorial content of their work. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Schiel & Denver has created Heirloom to give responsible children's authors a safe and creative platform to engage the minds of their young readers.

Heirloom books set children of all ages sailing on an exciting and magical journey of learning, discovery and memorable adventures. We believe reading and acquiring positive Christian values can, and should, be lots of fun! Through always focusing on the unique issues and learning needs surrounding today's children and young adults, we have high aspirations that Heirloom will, through the power of reading, give many talented children's authors who have previously had difficulty securing a voice through traditional publishing routes, the tools they need to convey a positive Christian message of peace and love, with a responsible publisher.

In this context, Schiel & Denver and Heirloom support structured initiatives that encourage children to take up and enjoy reading; for instance the National Children's Reading Foundation in the U.S.; and in the UK, National Year of Reading.

At Heirloom, we believe in:

  • The worth and dignity of each individual
  • Mutual respect and harmony
  • Making reading fun for children of all ages
  • Quality learning products that explore children's creativity
  • Responsible citizenship and positive Christian values
  • The right of each person to live in a safe environment, equally, without discrimination.
  • Healthy and consistent intellectual growth

As a book publishing services provider, Heirloom provides an extensive support and global distribution network, where you own all the rights to your work, and profit with 50% of all net book sale royalties. If you find a traditional publisher or agent who wants to publish your work, you can cancel your contract with us, having achieved publishing success already, and continue your writing career with no strings attached.

With our parent, Schiel & Denver, a member of the United Nations Global Compact, each year we report back to the United Nations on our achievements. Heirloom is ceaselessly exploring new avenues to distribute our children's products to the world, with our eclectic variety of genres, languages and formats. In addition, our international market strategy has ensured that the reach and benefits of Heirloom products extend across the globe, focusing on the important North American markets. We are currently looking for ways to expand our distribution into third-world regions.

If you're interested in publishing your children's book with Heirloom, please read our submissions policy here. We look forward to publishing, and marketing, your work.