Heirloom Children's Book Publishers

At Heirloom, the children's book publishing imprint of Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, we care passionately about the books that we publish and believe that an exciting lifetime of learning and opportunity should be accessible and open to every child.


Starting the Reading Process

All of us here at Heirloom know that part of being a good children's publisher is producing high quality books that parents can use as tools for their child's education. Since even very young children enjoy being read and sung to, we understand that children's literature should bring stories to life in an imaginative and soothing way. Part of our goal is that Heirloom books will be good enough to be integrated in the reading development process, and that children enjoy our books enough to want to read them (or have them read) again and again.

If a child who comes into contact with an Heirloom book benefits, by improving or developing their reading skills, we will feel we have accomplished something. Hopefully, more children will become avid readers and learn to appreciate the special and unique joy that can only be derived from a well written book. To this end, we provide all Heirloom authors with access to expert publishing resources including a pool of talented illustrators and professional graphic designers who are able to add to a child's visual enjoyment and understanding.

Developing a constructive learning environment

Regardless of whether your child picks up new ideas and information quickly or needs more space to develop these learning skills, we intend to ensure that Heirloom books can be used by parents to build a child's reading confidence, and that even in series they are competitvely priced to fit most family budgets.

If you are pressed for time and cannot get to the children's bookstore, a time-saving alternative is to look for the Heirloom logo on our collection of children's books where you will find fun and educational stories that you can read to your child, for instance at bedtime. Most major online and traditional stores sell Heirloom titles.

Since the majority of children gain pleasure and self-assurance from books they come to know well, creating a library of learning tools from Heirloom books, which can be re-read at leisure, is a good way to help lay foundations for learning experiences that will be built upon at school.

Easy availability from bookstores

One of the hurdles that indepedent authors continue to face is the challenge of securing international book distribution and getting bookstores to stock their books. In many cases, this actually has nothing to do with the quality of their work, but rather simple publishing economics where, in the past, only authors who were backed by the machinery of a big trade publisher had the resources to promote their book nationwide and become household names.

At Heirloom, we want parents to understand our international strategy, and we are proud to offer firm assurances that our books are not only of the required excellent literary standard, but have the added value of easy availability through Schiel & Denver's parent distribution network.

Heirloom books can be ordered through all major chain and independent bookstores, both online and off. We seek to provide a voice for the many children's authors who may well be the next Eric Carle or J.K. Rowling and only need a publisher to provide the necessary risk-free, solid and dependable starting point for future success. Afterall, one of the most famous self-published children's authors is Beatrix Potter, and even today, generations of children continue to read and enjoy her books.

Quality literature as a benchmark

It is a widely acknowledged fact that most children begin to read for themselves between the ages of four and eight - though the route may vary, the quiet pleasure that comes from reading a good book is universally shared. Therefore, Heirloom will only publish authors who can produce work that conforms to our goal of growing a stable literary backlist of quality and socially responsible writing. This way, when younger children are beginning to learn to write or older children are advancing their language skills at school, the Heirloom range can always be used as a familiar and supportive resource that your child can return at their own pace, for encouragement, without worrying about making mistakes.

Schiel & Denver, which owns Heirloom, has publishing offices based in Texas and England, where it is registered as a Data Controller within the United Kingdom under the Data Protection Act 1998, The company therefore publishes each book simultaneously through mainstream American and European stores; including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Chapters Indigo in Canada,  Waterstones and WHSmith in the UK. As a responsible publisher, we go through rigorous editorial and legal screening checks, that conform to U.S. publishing industry standards, ensuring that all our books will be safe additions to any child's library.

Are you a parent and an author? Get involved!

Heirloom recognises that parents usually know best for their child's education, therefore we are delighted to receive feedback from both parents and qualified teachers, as to how we can make our products better. We at Schiel & Denver and Heirloom are particularly sympathetic to home–schooling methods, and parents who recognise that only through consistent home support is a child really protected enough to develop the life learning skills they need.

Home schooling is often a really effective way of monitoring progress, identifying potential problems early on and generally nurturing your child’s emotional and intellectual strength, in an environment that omits unhelpful distractions like class-room bullying and other unfavorable school-specific problems.

If you're a parent and you have a great children's book you'd like to publish with a concerned children's publisher, please don't hesitate to learn more about our submissions policy for more information. Thanks very much for taking the time to learn more about Heirloom's perspective.