Submit Your Manuscript

At Heirloom, we devote enormous care to publishing a range of constructive, fun and educational children's books that transcend both geographical and cultural boundaries. Please read our submissions policy below if you are interested in publishing your children's book with Heirloom.

Why does Heirloom have a submissions policy?

Children's book publishing brings an added dimension of responsibility to children, teachers and parents, that we at Heirloom take very seriously. All submitted manuscripts must meet a minimum literary criteria to be considered eligible for Heirloom's publishing services. Heirloom books are distributed to all major U.S., UK and Canadian bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders USA, Chapters Indigo. The imprint shares the same formidable global distribution advantages that it's parent book publisher, Schiel & Denver, brings to independent publishing.

How much does it cost?

Although Heirloom does not charge a reading fee to review manuscripts; in addition to having a quality manuscript, authors will be required to purchase one of Schiel & Denver's book publishing packages to hire our services.

What are you looking for?

Here's a good example of an Heirloom title, currently selling on Barnes & Noble - Gruffy, The Lonely Frog by Robert Woodberry (ISBN 9781849030359)

  • We request a query letter, three chapters and a brief synopsis.
  • Your query letter should include your name, the date, contact information and a brief description of the work. Include only relevant personal information: previous publications, writing education, etc. For previously published authors, please also give a brief overview of your writing career thus far and your goals for the future.

How do I submit?

Heirloom strives to be as green and environmentally-sound as possible. We therefore only accept electronic website submissions. Please click here to upload your manuscript via our secure FTP submissions portal. Please do not send submissions via email or mail. Any email submissions will be blocked. Unsolicited paper submissions sent by surface mail will not be read and will be recycled.

How long does it take to review my submission?

If we like your submission, one of our editorial staff will contact you within 30 days from the date of your submission to request for the full manuscript in Word, RTF, or PDF format. We are unable to offer any form of analysis for manuscripts we choose to reject.

Authors who are accepted will retain all the rights to their work, with 50% author royalties, and full access to Schiel & Denver's international book distribution network which boasts many thousands of leading retail bookstores that sell children's books. Heirloom handles all information confidentially, in a safe and responsible manner.