Saturday September 14 , 2013
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Adbrite Marketing Campaign

To order this service please call us at 832-699-0264 quoting your Author ID and Service #S3B-6

This service is only available to Schiel & Denver Authors

Service Details

Adbrite the Internet's Ad Marketplace - gives authors powerful new opportunities to reach the book buying public, on mass. Through Adbrite's network of over 70,000 newsworthy blogs serving 85 million web users, and yielding over 1 billion pageviews daily, this new form of internet advertising is fast over taking traditional print style advertising methods.

Target popular sites like Huffington Post, Digg,, eBay, and New York Times literary reporter blogs, where you can reach readers who share an interest in your book's subject or genre. Many of these consumers are statistically classified as "high-earners", and your campaign can be customized in terms of both location and gender; for male or female audiences.

How Does It Work?

Schiel & Denver's marketing department will create, tailor and optimize an eye-catching banner campaign for your book, targeting literary and journalistic sites that readers and book lovers frequent. Your banner or text advert will include an engaging subject line, book cover image (banner only) and description of your book to catch the attention of readers.

This is a very affordable method of advertising, as you only pay when someone clicks your banner, and is directed either to your professional website or blog, or to your book's buying page.

The banner advertising method is proven to be effective, particularly around vacation seasons when people are spending more time online. Adbrite has the power to introduce your work to an audience of millions of internet consumers.

  • Banner Ad Campaign across AdBrite Network (Standard IAB sizes)
  • Targeting and Re-Targeting on literary, book and journalism sites - including those unique to your genre
  • Targeting male and/or female users earning $74,000/year or more
  • Schiel & Denver marketing account manager will optimize your campaign by the rate of earnings to ad placement
  • AdBrite Re-targeting pixel in place to reach consumers who have previously bought books online

Weekly Reporting Schedule

You will receive a report within a week following your Adbrite Campaign launch, including;

  1. Number of Sites in Adbrite Network where your advert was displayed
  2. Number of page views
  3. Number of clicks (also known as Click Through Rate/CTR)

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.