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Premium Color Book Publishing package - $3,999

Beautiful full-color book publishing coupled with a powerful retail marketing presence

The Premium Color Book Publishing Package breaks new ground in color book publishing by combining valuable core book publishing, color printing and distribution benefits of the Maestro Color Book Publishing Package with an advanced set of marketing and bookseller services, specifically designed for the author or artist who is aiming for commercial book publishing success. An initial first print run of 1,700 copies to store warehouses guarantees the book IN STOCK distribution for the launch in Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million and thousands more chain and independent booksellers.

The added benefits of the Premium Package includes U.S. Copyright Registration; Hardcover availability; Website Design Service - BRONZE; 25 FREE paperback copies on publication; Up to 150 full color image placements; Up to 50 images eligible for studio enhancement by our professional graphic design specialists; Targeted Press Release - 500,000 mainstream media and Associated Press Outlets.

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Book Production Features

  • One-to-one author support

You will have the full support of a professional publishing team, who will keep in regular contact, guiding you quickly and efficiently through every stage. Your desk editor will be the main point of contact. Schiel & Denver will schedule a toll-free design call with your design team. We will help you customize every aspect of your book publication, and prepare you for the publication date and marketing campaign.

  • Initial Trade Softcover Print Run - 1,700 Copies

Schiel & Denver invests in a first trade paperback print run for every book we publish. Later orders are fulfilled through combined professional offset printing and print-on-demand with no minimum or maximum limits on number of books printed. Direct warehouse inventory of your book guarantees that chain and independent booksellers will list your book as IN STOCK in their catalogs, with 24-hour delivery to readers.

  • You have full editorial control and total design freedom

At Schiel & Denver, you're the boss. However complex your vision, however detailed your requirements, you will have full editorial control over every part of your book. We will give you a superior service and fulfil your order to your exact requirements, and our high standards. Just tell us what you want to do, and we'll help you get there.

  • Non-exclusive Fair Agreement

You retain all publishing rights When you publish with Schiel & Denver, you always own all the publishing rights to your work, not us. You are free to hire our services, while entering into other contracts and agreements, and you can cancel at any time. If a traditional publisher or literary agent wants to publish your work, or makes you an offer, you are free to leave us with no strings attached.

  • Worldwide ISBN Assignment

Schiel & Denver will assign your book with a worldwide ISBN or International Standard Book number, required for your book to be handled and processed through booksellers and libraries around the world.

  • Custom Full-Color Cover

At Schiel & Denver, we don't use any templates. You will have a professional graphic book designer create you a FULL COLOR custom book cover in our design studio. Our senior design staff have successful backgrounds in graphic book design, with previous work experience on bestselling projects at major U.S. publishing houses.

  • Custom Interior Design

Whether you're publishing a trade paperback for mass market, or require complex typesetting and a specific layout that requires specialist and extensive work; our book layout technicians will customize every aspect of your book's interior to your exact vision.

  • Free round of author corrections

If you need to interrupt the production process after submitting your manuscript to Schiel & Denver, we will waive the cost of one round of author corrections for you to insert or modify any part of your forthcoming ISBN published book.

  • Electronic proof

When your book is ready for publication, your design team will send you a press-ready electronic proof of your book's interior layouts and cover artwork for your approval. As soon as your book is published, you will receive your FREE author copies.

  • Up to 150 FULL COLOR image placements (optional)

Indicates the number of FULL COLOR graphic image placements for illustrations, maps, cartoons, photographs, diagrams etc, you will be able to place in your book. If you want to increase the number of FULL COLOR image placements inside your book, you can always purchase additional image placements.

  • Personalized Back Cover & Spine

When you publish with Schiel & Denver, every aspect of your book will be customized to your exact vision, including the spine and back cover. You will have full editorial control over the important backcover description given to your readers.

  • 50 Images Eligible for Expert Enhancement & Manipulation (optional)

Our professional graphic design team will provide high level of studio-enhanced manipulation to ensure your images have maximum visual appeal.

  • Printing Quality Checks Performed on every book

Experienced staff at Schiel & Denver Printing Facilities performs on-site quality checks on books as they are printed. We guarantee that both you, and your readers, will be impressed with the high standard of our books. We've standardized our printing procedures at each of our printing facilities to ensure that each Schiel & Denver product satisfies U.S. book industry guidelines and meets our impeccable standards.

  • EAN Barcode / price printed on backcover of book

Schiel & Denver will place a barcode on the back cover of your book, with the appropriate EAN embedded in the barcode, and your ISBN-13 within the same box, as shown in the diagram below. Schiel & Denver prefers the industry standard size of barcode - 57.6 points; however, a barcode of up to 72 points can be inserted.For worldwide publication, price in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and British Pound Sterling can be optionally printed on the backcover. Hardcover cloth-covers will feature the EAN barcode on the last page of the book only.

  • FREE 1 Year Digital File Maintenance, Security and Storage

Schiel & Denver is proud to employ environmentally friendly, print-on-demand printing facilities at five locations - in America, Europe and Australia - to fulfil orders of our books, all over the world. Learn more about the how the process works. Your book's electronic files are stored in a secure, password-protected database. Access to the files is limited to authorized Schiel & Denver personnel. S&D implements daily, weekly, and monthly backups of the document library in industry-accessible formats.

Backup files are stored in an off-site military level secure environment. Schiel & Denver charges $20 per year for digital file storage, maintenance and security; giving you total control over the lifetime of your book. It will be available for printing for as long, or short, as you require.

Post-Publication Benefits

  • Fifty percent (50%) author royalties - profit from your work

We split all sales revenue received through our global distribution channels, 50/50 with our authors. This includes both paperback, hardcover and eBook editions of your work.Considering the global nature of our distribution, we believe our authors benefit from the fairest author royalties available in independent publishing today.

  • Worldwide Distribution Service - choose your distribution territories

With Schiel & Denver, you can choose where in the world you want to have your book distributed. Placing your book into the world's largest distribution network with Schiel & Denver, is easy and affordable. Your book will be available to order and stock, at many thousands of booksellers and libraries, both online and off - including top stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble in America, and ChaptersIndigo in Canada. Private publication is also available.

  • Paperback Availability

Your book will be made available in high quality trade paperback, at the same industry standard of major publishers' books selling in 'brick and mortar' and airport bookstores.

  • Hardcover Format Availability

Your book will be published in an elegant hardcover edition, with or without dust jacket (according to your specifications) with stunning gold foil stamped spine.

  • eBook Availability & Distribution

Your book will be made available in eBook format (Adobe PDF) and distributed worldwide to thousands of online stores. You can set your own DRM (Digital Rights management) protection level, and receive 50% net royalties from each download sale. We also offer Amazon Kindle, Palm reader and Microsoft Reader eBook Formats.

  • Volume discounts on author purchases

NOTE: There is NO obligation to purchase copies of your own book. Publishing with Schiel & Denver is risk free, and provides huge volume discounts of over 30% for authors who want to buy copies of their book - for instance for booksignings.

  • Twenty-Five FREE paperback copies

Indicates the number of FREE paperback copies that Schiel & Denver will send you, to the address on file in your Author Center, upon successful publication of your book.

  • Registration with Books-In-Print database

Experience the power of R.R.Bowker's Books-in-print database, delivering valuable market exposure for your book into millions of bookseller and library catalogs. This will vastly increase your book's promotion opportunities.

  • Author Webpage in S&D Bookstore - you control content

You will have your own author webpage, and your own permanent URL, in the Schiel & Denver Official Publishers' Bookstore. This includes bibliographical and editorial information, info to major stores where your book is on sale, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. As the author, you will have total editorial control over the content of this webpage. If you want to change this information on Schiel & Denver's bookstore, it's free, just contact your desk editor.

  • Inclusion in Schiel & Denver bi-annual Trade Catalog

Schiel & Denver is the only book publishing services company that operates a fully staffed bookselling department, which produces a bi-annual trade catalog - similar to commercial trade publishers. Everyday, we focus on promoting your work to bookstores, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all our books reach their maximum potential. Schiel & Denver books are credible products that are taken seriously by both industry professionals and the book buying public.

  • Independent accounts, book sales & royalty management

In accordance with Schiel & Denver's commitment to the United Nations Global Compact regarding anti-corruption, we have pledged that all our authors' booksales are calculated by an independent industry watchdog, Nielsen Bookscan. This provides our authors with total peace-of-mind that they are being furnished with accurate and honest royalty and accounting records.

  • Quarterly Royalty Payments

Schiel & Denver operates an automatic billing system that will send you checks to your mailing address in US Dollars, on a quarterly basis (4 times a year).Our booksales department will chase up any royalties owing from booksellers, distributors and wholesalers on your behalf.

  • U.S. Copyright Registration

To help protect your intellectual property rights, and guard against copyright theft, Schiel & Denver's editorial policy is to strongly recommend that all authors register ownership of your original work as soon as possible with the U.S. Copyright Office.

  • International Cataloguing-In-Publication (CIP) Service

Ensure your book is catalogued correctly for Library of Congress Subject Headings, British Library, and Dewey Decimal Classification systems with the International CIP or Cataloguing-In-Publication Service - sponsored by the British Library authorities.

This is a powerful program employed by all major trade publishers, and officially notifies the world's major libraries of all new and forthcoming books - ensuring your record of authorship.Typical details of a CIP record include author, title and publisher, projected date of publication, pagination, ISBN and price.

Marketing & Publicity Benefits

  • Targeted Press Release - 500,000 Media Outlets

Schiel & Denver will expertly write you a professional press release and then distribute your release, via Schiel & Denver's regular fax lines, to an exclusive network of carefully vetted industry and media contacts who are likely to be interested in your work. S&D can get your book into an enviable information stream of media insiders and book industry specialists.

  • Website Design - BRONZE (FREE Web Hosting for First Year)

Schiel & Denver's professional IT department will build you a unique author website for readers, that will be accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Utilize the power of the internet, to drive your marketing and bookselling campaigns. Schiel & Denver's publishing packages include 1 Year FREE Domain Name and FREE Web Hosting.

  • Book Launch Tool Kit

Kick start your book's marketing campaign with style, by having Schiel & Denver notify your key readers that your book is now available for sale. This includes distribution of 100 beautifully printed post-cards of your bookcover, on premium 215gsm, glossy card stock, and a professional portfolio of printable and web images of your book cover, for website and offline promotion. An essential publicity tool.

  • Retail Buyer's Preview

Grab retail buyers attention by allowing one of our major distributors, Ingram Book Group, to give key bookstores a special preview of your book's content, through their international catalogue - Ingram Advance. This service will assist bookstores make stocking decisions, reinforce the benefits of the S&D Trade Catalog and empower the efforts of our bookselling department.


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