Sunday August 11 , 2013
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Schiel & Denver - A Responsible Book Publisher

We plant 25 trees for each author we publish...

Printing books uses lots of paper, so at Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, we've taken a lot of time to think about how we can minimize our effect on the environment, and save forests. We are a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact in New York, and Schiel & Denver reports back to our colleagues at the United Nations assembly, every year, on our progress.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers has undertaken several initiatives to ensure our production and logistics process is laudable and respects international efforts on sustainability. We are committed to offering each author we publish a full paid-for membership of American Forests, the leading U.S. heritage organization, at no additional costs to our publishing packages. We also support the Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees.

Electronic routing: a blueprint for reducing greenhouse gas emissions Schiel & Denver Book Publishers proudly employs high quality, state of the art digital printing facilities, at three locations in America (TN, PA and ME), two in England, and one in France, just outside Versailles.

In a process known as electronic routing, when Schiel & Denver Book Publishers receives an order from a bookseller for one of our books, we physically fulfil the order at the printing location closest in proximity to either the bookstore concerned, or to server our main warehouses in Denver, Colorado, and Surrey, England. This means we substantially reduce harmful greenhouse gases produced in shipping books by road or rail and our method has completely eliminated trans-atlantic shipping costs.

All U.S. orders are fulfilled and processed entirely within the continental United States, with Alaska and Hawaii reachable within 72 hours - all with papers manufactured from ISO14001 U.S. suppliers.Through our unique environmental efforts, Schiel & Denver is emerging as a publishing market leader in advocating the use of responsible and environmentally friendly publishing technology.

Schiel & Denver matches supply and demand perfectly

Our state of the art digital book publishing facilities produce beautiful library quality paperbacks and hardback books that are of the exact same standard as traditional offset books. The unit cost per book also now equates offset costs - making this a viable method that keeps our book pricing conservative.

This is a demand-driven process, where after the initial first print runs, books are only printed when someone actually places an order for a copy of your book, in a bookstore, like Barnes & Noble or Amazon. This makes economic sense for both us and our authors, who make a direct profit on every book sold. We're saving forests.

The negative environmental impact of old methods

An issue of rising concern is the negative impact the traditional publishing industry is having on the environment. Traditional publishers might print tens of thousands of books in print runs that end up being "returned" to the warehouse by booksellers, simply because they didn't sell. In a bad year, and in recessions, over 35% of a publishers' inventory can be returned, and gets destroyed or pulped to avoid warehousing costs. In other words, mass waste. This is alot of dead trees...and alot of dead forests.

At Schiel & Denver, we believe this method of publishing, that causes mass waste and substantially damages the natural environment, should have a limited future. Such is the serious threat to the world's timber resources, we feel everyone who enjoys books - whether from the point of view of writing, publishing, printing or reading books, should give this important question of how to reduce mass waste across our industry, their undivided attention.

But bookstores won't stock print-on-demand books? Won't I be at a disadvantage? No, this is simply not true. Bookstores will stock print-on-demand books. However, they won't stock badly printed books that don't have a marketing plan, or books that are non-returnable, with low or "short" discounts that don't make it financially worth the stores' while to purchase copies. Schiel & Denver Book Publishers apply industry standard discounts, producing bookstore quality books that readers will love, and we offer an exciting bookstore returns program, to ensure our authors aren't disadvantaged in any way.

Unlike self-publishing companies, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers runs a dedicated, fully staffed and passionate bookselling department, producing a bi-annual trade catalogue that our reps will use to aggressively market your title to U.S. and UK bookstores, every month. We do this FREE of charge, for every book we publish, so this service is included at no additional costs in all our book publishing packages. Many authors also fail to realize that the books seen on the main shop floor, or in the front windows at bookstores, aren't there just because of trade distribution; the publisher has actually paid money - usually upwards of $20,000 - $40,000 USD (and even more at Christmas and Thanksgiving) - to have their books placed in these prime locations.

At present, it's only a handful of giant book publishers who have the year-round resources to secure these expensive point-of-sale advertising costs.It is worth educating authors about these facts, so you can make more realistic decisions regards choosing a book publisher. You'll also better understand why, next time you step into a bookstore - virtually every book you pick up off a shelf is either a major book publishers' title...or one of their many book publishing imprints.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers is offering authors a stable and viable alternative, that also protects the environment. Our books are exceptional quality, and enjoy formidable worldwide distribution; orderable through all the main U.S. and UK bookstores. If you've written a book that you are serious about book publishing internationally, S&D Book Publishers can help.

Our authors own all the rights to their work - you're just hiring us as a book publishing services company, to do all the hard work of global book publishing on your behalf. Apart from our highly marketable trade catalog, S&D Book Publishers also offers a powerful range of expert marketing services to ensure Schiel & Denver authors can compete with major book publishers, both in terms of profitability and book distribution.

  • But don't take our word for it. Read some author testimonials...

Espresso Book Machine® - The Future of Book Publishing Reinforcing our mainstream book distribution, Schiel & Denver is at the cutting edge of book technology to ensure our titles will be available via Espresso Book Machines®, or ATM for books, at thousands of library and bookstore locations across America by December 2010. We believe this is the future of book publishing. Imagine walking into your local bookstore, and having your book printed and bound to order, while you wait. This saves and prevents waste. Invented by U.S. engineers, the Espresso Book Machine is an exciting concept that all authors should embrace.

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Office-based schemes - Schiel & Denver initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint

In pursuing important environmental issues, Schiel & Denver is committed to helping in the reforestation of the planet and as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we support the reforestation programs developed by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). But we're also doing lots of other, more practical things, and office-based schemes, to reduce our carbon footprint:

1. We encourage our staff to use videoconferencing or free Skype technology to communicate, instead of traveling back and forth across the atlantic to have meetings.

2. We have installed energy-saving flat screen monitors, light bulbs, and electrical fittings.

3. Our staff have green, electric cars - instead of gas-guzzling company cars.

4. We have implemented office-based schemes to reduce photocopying waste.

5. We prefer using emails instead of sending letters, and where possible, we try and work in an inventory-free environment.

6. We provide our authors with access to eBook production - and Amazon Kindle editions of their work - which are far more environmentally friendly.

7. All trash at our office and printing facilities, except wet food - is recycled where possible.

8. Our U.S. warehouses are integrating wind-powered technology into their logistics process.

9. Our book publishing guide is available online for digital viewing and download in PDF format; we no longer print and send free brochures or wasteful sample materials unless paid for in advance.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers welcomes writers from all over the world, and we look forward to helping you achieve your dream of becoming an internationally published author. Call us today at 1-832-699-0264.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.