Thursday September 12 , 2013
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How Does It Work?

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers offers independent authors the world's largest book distribution network available, with over 160,000 retail bookstores including major traditional chains like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, online bookstores like Amazon and local bookstores across the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Step 1

We assign your book a worldwide ISBN number

When you publish your book with Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, our specialist team starts by assigning your new book a unique worldwide ISBN (International standard book number) and EAN barcode (see below) so your book can be stocked and sold by reputable bookstores, book distributors and libraries in our global book distribution network.

Your book will be registered with 10 international ISBN agencies, including Nielsen BookData and Bowker Books-In-Print, free of charge. You retain all the rights to your work, and can cancel at any time. If you are publishing a hardcover edition of your work, or re-publishing an out-of-print book as a second edition, Schiel & Denver will give these new editions separate ISBNs.

Step 2

Guaranteed first-edition print runs for every new book

Regardless if you've written a mass-market bestseller, or nonfiction title with more niche appeal, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers invests in first-edition offset print runs of between 300 - 8,000 copies to major booksellers warehouses for immediate sale on book launch, with FREE warehousing & fulfillment for 10 years. This bookselling advantage guarantees your book IN STOCK listings in Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and our entire book distributors network. Our booksales department continuously markets your book to retail stores in a traditional catalog, included in every package.

When the first-edition print run is sold, orders are fulfilled to bookstores on a non-returnable basis (unless your package includes the bookstore returns program) through a combination of high quality book printing with offset trade print runs for larger orders of over 500 copies and print-on-demand for smaller orders, with no minimum or maximum order, and all INCLUDED in your package price.

Removing risk from the book publishing process

The technology we use matches economic supply with demand precisely, so each book is only printed after a new order is placed from a reader, bookseller or book distributor, which ensures that we don't over print thousands of books that end up being returned to the warehouse for pulping. Due to these environmentally friendly innovations, our book publishing company has been accepted as a professional member of the United Nations Global Compact.

Step 3

State-of-the-art book printing facilities in USA, Europe and Australia

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers provides you with a state-of-the-art printing network to meet orders from retail booksellers, book distributors and libraries across North America and Europe. With our book publishing company, the whole process gets taken care of in-house, with U.S. book production technology, specialist staff and U.S. suppliers.

We never outsource overseas ensuring standards are kept high and our expert book printing methods produce books that look and feel great, and exceed your expectations. Our books are equivalent in quality to traditional publishers' books selling in professional retail bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. We guarantee you will be impressed with the quality. Our book publishing company operates printing and distribution centers in the following locations:

  • United States of America (TN, PA and ME)
    • Lavergne, Tennessee
    • Nr Bangor, Maine
    • Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • England (Two printing facilities)
  • Melbourne, Australia

Your book will never go out of print

For a low annual fee of $20 per year, you can maintain your book's production files in our printing servers across America and Europe. You therefore have control over how long you wish your book to stay in print and be orderable through our comprehensive book distribution network. If you desire, your book will never go out of print.

Step 4

Your book on sale at thousands of bookstores worldwide

Your book will go on sale at over 160,000+ online and traditional retail stores, in over 100 countries, across 4 continents. To ensure your book launch is highly organized, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers notifies all the retail bookstores and distributors in our book distribution network, at least one month before the book publication and launch date, that your new book is coming onto the book buying market.

We send bookstores all the bibliographical and descriptive information (called AI or 'Advance Information' Sheets) about your book before it's published, which we then later market in our trade catalog, so booksellers have enough time and planning to integrate your book's launch into their busy retail pre-ordering systems.

More support than self-publishing can provide

Self publishing companies fail time and time again in this important book marketing aspect, lacking the crucial distribution infrastructure and routinely underestimating the organizational importance of giving bookstores advance notice. With Schiel & Denver, the retail buyers' units at traditional and online bookstores will know all about your book before it's even published, with the correct marketing and bibliographical information and 24/7 access to our warehousing and printing facilities.

Bookstores can then order and sell thousands of copies of your book with no ceiling - ensuring your book launch goes without hitch. Your book will be sold at leading bookstores across North America and Europe, including to name a few:

Step 5

When an order arrives for your book...

When an order arrives for your book either from a bookseller or distributor in our global bookselling network, we route the order to our printing facility that is closest to them. This book publishing process is called 'electronic routing', and it means your book can be fulfilled immediately, without having to be shipped to it's destination by plane, road or rail.

For example, if a reader walks into a Barnes & Noble in New York or Chicago, the bookstore digitally sends the order to Schiel & Denver's Pennsylvania facility; orders from bookstores on the West coast usually go to our Tennessee printing facility; and orders in Europe to our UK printing facilities. With 24 hour ordering capabilities, the bookstores receive your book order in the same amount of time, as if the book was stocked in their own warehouses; and the reader never knows the difference.

Better still for authors, our book publishing infrastructure means that you can reach a receptive new market of avid readers outside America, in Canada and Europe, with the same efficiency and speed as local book publishers in those countries.

  • Paperback turnaround is 1-3 Days
  • Hardback turnaround is 5-7 Days

Schiel & Denver can handle bestseller capacity

Due to the speed and efficiency of our State-of-the-art book printing facilities, high-quality books can be printed in both small quantities and extremely large volumes, easily reaching over 1.1 million copies within 72 hours. We have many authors who routinely sell thousands of books each financial quarter.

Open a new world of opportunities for your book

The Schiel & Denver model enables authors in the Southern Hemisphere to reach their readers in the Northern Hemisphere, and vice versa. For instance, Spanish writers can now sell their books to the Hispanic community in Latin America, and American writers can reach readers across the Atlantic in Europe and beyond. With successful authors and book publishing partners all over the world, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers has grown into a truly global book publishing operation.

Step 6

We take care of all local shipping, packaging and taxes

At Schiel & Denver, authors never worry about any of the shipping costs, taxes or packaging which get absorbed into our book production process. When your book is sold through an online store like, we ship the book to Amazon who then wrap it in their branded packaging - so the reader receives the book as though it has been sent from Amazon.

For orders to traditional bookstores, distributors and retailers, we bubble-wrap your book neatly in boxes and ship by UPS, USPS or FedEX with track and trace consignments from our PA and TN facilities, so distributors and wholesalers receive freshly printed copies in their warehouse on time, and your 50% royalty cut is not affected.

To supplement our book publishing infrastructure, Schiel & Denver operates two warehouses, one in Denver, Colorado and one in Surrey, England, to meet the needs of larger orders from our network partners. Learn more about Schiel & Denver's Shipping Methods & Costs.

Espresso Book Machine (EBM)

In 2009, Schiel & Denver added the Espresso Book Machine network to our distribution channels, making books available at the cutting-edge of book distribution through libraries, ski-resorts and U.S./Canadian college campuses. The EBM is like an ATM machine for books, where readers can walk into stores and have their book printed while they wait.

Step 7

Author profits from every sale

With Schiel & Denver, you receive a 50% royalty on every copy sold through our network, which is one of the highest author royalties available in the independent book publishing industry today. We provide you with outstanding book production services and the book publishing infrastructure to make a profit on every book sold. We have no interest in taking any rights to your work. You keep all the book publishing rights and copyright to your manuscript. There is also no obligation to buy copies of your book.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishing Company has brought about a fundamental shift in the way in which authors are bringing books to market and in turn, how booksellers in our network are selling them. Rather than having to estimate the demand for every title before it is printed, only when a book is sold, it is printed and shipped to the buyer. Our book publishing infrastructure is bringing books to bookshelves across America in a clean and environmentally friendly way.

Schiel & Denver's book publishing technology achieves some basic goals:

  1. We enable American writers to reach new markets in Canada, Europe and Australia, and vice versa;
  2. Our model drives more book sales for authors with a profit on each sale;
  3. Our global infrastructure means that our authors don't need to worry about printing or warehousing fees - either in the U.S. or abroad;
  4. We drastically reduce the number of unsold books that booksellers return to our warehouses;
  5. Schiel & Denver Book Publishers is great for mass market bestsellers, but also works with obscure limited-interest titles that aren't usually stocked in bookstores;
  6. Authors can quickly focus on making new editions of their work available in hardcover or foreign language editions
  7. Our authors have the support of a professional publishing team with years of industry experience to guide them.

Step 8

An ethical dimension

Our book publishing company is happy because we reduce our carbon footprint to the minimum level, but at the same time ensure that our authors can compete with traditional book publisher's titles and are not in any way disadvantaged. Our service is fast, reliable and efficient.

We guarantee your readers will also be impressed by speed and high standards of your book, that meet all required industry standards in book publishing. We see digital printing as helping the environment by reducing waste. Less books are pulped because they failed to sell, and therefore the number of forests cut down for profit is reduced.

Schiel & Denver is a member of the United Nations Global Compact

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers prepares annual written reports for the United Nations Global Compact, giving detailed case studies as to how our book publishing model is helping us meet our environmental objectives for cleaner, greener standards in global business. We are proud that our long term commitment to environmentally sound book publishing has been recognized by the UN. The company also plants 25 trees for every author we publish.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.