Saturday August 10 , 2013
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Local Bookstores

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers is proud to make all our books available from bookstores across America, both large and small. While all S&D titles are available from the major stores like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Amazon, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers has gone the extra mile to ensure that local communities across America aren't left out.

S&D supports IndieBound, a community-oriented movement begun by members of the American Booksellers Association, which brings together booksellers, readers, indie retailers, local business alliances, and anyone with a passionate belief that healthy local economies help communities thrive.


At S&D Book Publishers, we believe local bookstores are essential for America's local communities...

When readers shop at a local business, the entire community benefits:

The Economy

  • According to the American Booksellers Association, if you spend $100 at a local bookstore, $68 of that stays in your community. Spend the same $100 at a national chain, and your local community only sees $43.
  • Local businesses create higher-paying jobs for our neighbors.
  • More of your taxes are reinvested in your community; where they belong.

The Environment

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers cares very much about promoting environmentally sound practices in the book publishing industry.

  • Buying local means less packaging, less transportation, and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Shopping in a local business district means less infrastructure, less maintenance, and more funds available to improve your local community.

The Community

  • Local retailers are your friends and neighbors; support them and they’ll support you.
  • Local businesses donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains.
  • More independents means more choice, more diversity, and a truly unique community.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.