Saturday August 10 , 2013
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Espresso Book Machine®

Get your book available at universities, libraries, airports, ski resorts and many more...

In addition to Schiel & Denver's international book distribution to major bookstores, The Espresso Book Machine® (“EBM”), a Time Magazine “Best Invention of 2007,” provides a revolutionary direct-to-consumer distribution and print model for books.

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Described as “the ATM of books,” the EBM Version 2.0 is a fully integrated patented book-making machine that can automatically print, bind, and trim on demand at point of sale perfect-bound library-quality paperback books with 4-color covers (indistinguishable from a book on a bookstore shelf) in minutes for a production cost of a penny a page.

As an international book publishing services provider, Schiel & Denver is focused on enhancing book sales for authors with innovative, low cost and minimum risk print-on-demand solutions. The Espresso Book Machine is the latest pioneering distribution channel to join the Schiel & Denver specialist ISBN book distribution and author-to-market pathways.

The Espresso Book Machine® Channel will give authors the option to make available the books they have stored in the Schiel & Denver digital library, and have those titles printed, bound, and delivered at thousands of point of sale locations across the world including libraries, airports, ski resorts, university and retail bookstores, on demand, and in minutes.

Expresso Book Machine (EBM) Locations:

As evidenced below, EBMs have already been installed in the United States, Canada, Australia,  UK (Blackwells - 100 Charing X Road), and Egypt with many planned installations over the next 5 years in airports, bookstores, libraries and ski resorts across America, the European Union, Asia, South America, South Africa and many other nations.

Click to view map of Espresso Book Machine Locations (PDF - Please Wait To Load)

  • New Orleans Public Library
  • Riverside Country Libraries (California)
  • Internet Archive, San Francisco
  • University of Arizona Bookstore
  • Brigham Young University, Utah
  • Harvard University Bookstore
  • University of Melbourne, Australia (Baillieu Library)
  • University of Washington, Seattle
  • University of Arizona Bookstore
  • The World Bank InfoShop, Washington, DC
  • The New York Public Library, New York, NY
  • University of Missouri
  • North Dakota State University
  • North Carolina State University Bookstore
  • University of Missouri Bookstore
  • University of Utah Library
  • The University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • The University of Alberta Bookstore, Edmonton, Canada
  • McMaster University Bookstore, Hamilton, Canada
  • The University of Waterloo Bookstore, Waterloo, Canada
  • Northshire Bookstore, Manchester Center, Vermont
  • Angus & Robertson, Melbourne, Australia
  • NewsStand UK, London, UK
  • University of Texas Co-op Bookstore
  • Open Content Alliance,San Francisco, California
  • McGill University Library, Montreal, Canada
  • Blackwell Bookshop, London, UK (100 Charing X Road)
  • The Library of Alexandria (Egypt)
  • China Publishing Group (Beijing)
  • Internet Archive (San Francisco, CA)

with many more to follow in the next 5 years! For a full list, please click here (external link)

Publishers that are already participating in the EBM channel  include John Wiley & Sons, Hachette Book Group, Macmillan, and other innovative publishers.

The EBM’s software automatically tracks all jobs and remits all royalty payments. The EBM makes it possible to distribute virtually every book ever published, in any language, anywhere on earth, as easily, quickly, and cheaply as e-mail.

How do I sign up?

When you publish with Schiel & Denver, your book will automatically be made available through the EBM channel, unless you specifically request during signup not to be included.

  • This is only for perfect-bound paperback books - not hardcover editions.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.