Saturday August 10 , 2013
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International Market Strategy

Reliable bookseller distribution is one of the major stumbling blocks for independent authors, preventing their work from being stocked in 'brick and mortar' bookstores, and thereby limiting the potential readership that even the best independent authors can achieve without the support of a traditional publishing house.

Selling to the book buying public has always required two essential but elusive assets: (1) easy in-store availability and (2) good word of mouth from an effective marketing campaign. Yet if you walk into any branch of Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble, either in the U.S., Canada or Europe, you may be surprised to learn that virtually every book in the store will be published by either one of the major trade publishing houses, or one of their umbrella imprints.

Although the big publishers have great books, their monopoly of bookstore distribution necessarily comes at the expense of talented voices from the world of independent publishing, who until now have had to make do with less exposure.

This is where Schiel & Denver offers a powerful new alternative for independent authors, one that can bring a wide readership and the tangible book publishing success that follows. Schiel & Denver Book Publishers has invested heavily into partnering inside a world-class distribution network of international and U.S. publishing partners, including Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor, the largest booktraders in the United States. These happen to be the same distributors who supply the major publishing houses.

Our book publishing model provides unprecedented access to global distribution channels, including every major online and "brick and mortar" bookstore across 100 countries, including USA, Canada, UK, EU and Japan. Therefore, by choosing Schiel & Denver to publish your book, you'll be indirectly partnering with some of the biggest names in book publishing. No self publisher or self publishing company can claim the same milestones we've already passed.

Wth Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, your book will stand a better chance of overcoming these practical hurdles and effectively reach the most important chain bookstores like Barnes & Noble, fantastic indie bookstores like Vroman's in California; and indeed many thousands more booksellers across the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada and the UK.

Electronic Routing

Our book publishing company employs independent publishing and printing facilities at three locations in the U.S., two in the UK and France. By covering multiple geographic territories, this enables Schiel & Denver to ensure that every ISBN book title we publish reaches it's target bookstore or warehouse destination with speed being the key factor, subsequently improving the maximum market exposure our books enjoy. Added to this, the company also works hard to ensure that all our books are orderable by thousands of distributors, libraries, wholesalers, bookstores and airport retailers reaching from Chicago to London to Sydney.

In summary, when an order arrives through the network (i.e. like when a reader buys your book on Amazon or pays at a cash register in a branch of Barnes & Noble or Chapters Indigo); the order is electronically routed to our nearest printing facility either in the United States (ME, PA & TN) or Europe. Our current turnaround for paperbacks is 5-7 days to reach bookstores or individual readers, and hardcover is 10-15 days. Click here for an extended overview of how the process works.

Publishing in all six languages of the United Nations, we can for instance, enable UK authors to reach the U.S. market, and European authors in mainland Spain and France to reach areas of Latin America and French Speaking Quebec.

International Distribution Network

For more details about our publishing partners, please click here.

  • Ingram Book Group (International Distributor and largest U.S. book trader)
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Blackwell (library supplier)
  • NACSCORP (U.S. National Association of College Bookstores)
  • Bertrams THE (Owned by Smith PLC)
  • Book Depository (Amazon Marketplace)
  • Coutts (library supplier)
  • Rittenhouse Book Distributors
  • STL
  • Dawson (library supplier)
  • Gardners (wholesaler)
  • Mallory International (wholesaler)
  • Espresso Book Machine┬« (On Demand Books)
  • Paperback Bookshop (Amazon Marketplace)

Specific Channel Retailers

  • Amazon (USA, UK, France, Germany & Japan)
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Walmart
  • Books-a-million
  • Powells
  • Target
  • Waterstones (UK Retailer)
  • WHsmith (UK Retailer)
  • Blackwell (EU)
  • Book Depository
  • Chapters Indigo
  • Alibris
  • Libreria Ledi
  • Eleftheroudakis

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