Thursday September 12 , 2013
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In-House Professional Design Studio

When you finally hold your published book in your hands, it is essential you are confident that all the necessary design features surrounding the product, from the important book cover artwork to the technical design layout, paper quality and interior graphics, convey a consistent and high standard of quality. To stand a good chance of competing in the open marketplace, with other publisher's titles, your book's design needs to be equal to the quality of books that are sold in a professional retail environment.

Professional in-house design studio

Many self-published books unfortunately look like amateur productions, and despite great content, may 'put off' potential buyers who are unlikely to spend their money purchasing material that does not conform to acceptable industry standards.

From our in-house professional graphic design studio, Schiel & Denver provides an impressive array of book design services, including professional book cover design, expert image enhancement and digital manipulation, together with full custom designed book layouts. Our professional book designers have a wealth of technical expertise and a comprehensive suite of expensive graphic design tools that will ensure the first glimpse of your book gives the right polished and professional image to your readers.

At Schiel & Denver, we only use the finest and best production materials available, because we want everyone, from author to reader, to be comfortable holding, touching, admiring the craftsmanship of your book's design - as much as they enjoy reading your work.

For authors who come to Schiel & Denver just for professional book cover design, after the free initial consultation, we'll send you a professional mockup of your cover to show you exactly what your book will look like when it's published.

Peace of mind you will receive a great cover

Although the expression "never judge a book by it's cover" is common, it is not accurate and book buyers often base their purchasing decisions directly by how imaginative, sexy or interesting the cover looks. This trend is the same for both traditionally published and self published books - and is equally important online, where buyers may only get to see a 200 x 300 pixel thumbnail image of your book's cover - making excellent graphics work essential.

With Schiel & Denver, you'll have added peace of mind knowing that this important aspect of your book is in the trusted hands of a professional design team who will guide you, through every stage of your book's production from start to finish.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.