Saturday September 14 , 2013
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The Book Production Process

We are often asked by authors what happens behind the scenes at Schiel & Denver - to explain how the internal process works, from the time we receive a complete new manuscript to the time the book is published and allocated for global distribution at thousands of bookstore outlets across the world, both traditional and online.

At Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, every new author's book is prioritized and given special attention by a dedicated team of book publishing professionals who work directly with the authors to achieve their exact vision. We hope this short guide helps you understand more about the comprehensive service and dedicated hardwork that we put into publishing each and every book.

Our staff devote a great deal of time and effort into meeting your project's exact literary, visual and artistic requirements on time and within budget. Before submitting your manuscript, you need to sign your author agreement, and complete the new author questionnaire, which is designed to protect you legally from any potential problems.

Stage 1

Stage 1: Submit your manuscript & Design call

As a publishing services company, Schiel & Denver provides you with the tools to become a published author with a firm underlying foundation of expert publishing professionals.

Unless you decide to engage our professional editing services, you will need to submit your manuscript in the exact form you would like it published, which gives you full editorial control over the content of your finished book.

We therefore encourage all our authors to check their manuscripts for errors and any changes you would like to make, before submitting, as even minor alterations that are made after submission will slow down the book production process and will be expensive to implement.

After your submission, we schedule an in-depth design call between you and your design team. During this free call, you can give our experts your exact vision, and customize every aspect of your book from cover to cover. They will be courteous, patient and will discuss the project specifics.

Our custom layout technicians will take time to understand your vision and make the process easy for you, giving you control over everything from the color and text on the spine, to every last comma and period in your work.

Stage 2

Stage 2: Transmittal Meeting & Preliminary Stages

The process of transforming your manuscript into the fully customized ISBN book product continues with the transmittal meeting. At this meeting will be a number of key editorial and production staff including your desk editor, marketing manager, and a senior production supervisor who will plan to ensure the production of your book runs to schedule.

The important role of the Desk Editor

Your desk editor will be your main point of contact, like your personal advocate, confirming the schedule and any tentative publication dates. He or she will liaise with other members of the team, including S&D's marketing, legal, booksales, and professional graphic design departments.

Your desk editor is responsible for:

  • Keeping you updated on the publishing progress and production timeline (including confirming publishing dates) for your book;

  • Ensuring all members of the team understand your vision and work within the budget and agreed production schedule;

  • Answering all your questions and concerns, and unifying production and marketing decisions;

  • Liaising with the design and marketing departments to ensure smooth workflow

  • Keeping our bookseller consultants informed of progress;

  • Ensuring you have completed your book summaries and back cover blurb effectively;

  • Sending you electronic proofs of your work, and handling any author corrections quickly and efficiently

  • Supervising copyediting and proofreading - if purchased

  • Quality checking all proof stages for both text and illustrations.

Three month production process

Your editor will be supervised by a senior production manager, and will ensure your exact vision is conveyed and met as accurately as possible. The entire process, from detailed discussion of publishing strategy and marketing feedback to generation of professional proofs and galleys usually takes about three months.

Make sure you discuss any travel or vacation plans with your design team during the 3 month production schedule that might cause any delays to the process.

Our assigned staff will act as your personal publishing team, shepharding you quickly and efficiently through the entire publishing process, whilst always being on hand to offer expert advice and substantial support during the time you spend with us.

If you decide to purchase the expedited service option, the publishing process will be reduced to either 60 days or 30 days, without compromising on quality or professional standards.

You will have full control over all editorial and design decisions, including over the basic characteristics of your book, like the custom layout, trim size, paper, binding, personalized back cover and spine of your book, to name a few.

Stage 3

Stage 3: Book Production and Design

During the book production process, we have designed the process so that you will not have to do any traveling, and do not have leave the comfort of your own home. We will arrange and coordinate everything on your behalf.

You can contact any of your design team, at any time, using the Whatever/Whenever Support System or calling us toll free at: 1-832-699-0264.

When the time comes to design your cover, based on your requirements, our professional graphic designers will work to create your bookcover and layout exactly as your envisioned. One of Schiel & Denver's professional layout technicians will then studio typeset your manuscript to your specifications, ensuring all professional industry standards are strictly adhered to.

  • Logical presentation of the material for maximum readability.

  • Clean margins and bleeds conforming to printer formats, with professional font design and printer ready embedding.

  • For academic texts, our book designers can handle LaTeX document submission and related stylesheets.

  • Cost-effective production that meets Schiel & Denver's environmental commitments with the United Nations Global Compact.

Stage 4

Stage 4: Approval of your final production galleys

During this advanced stage, your design team will send you usually two sets of 'galley' proofs - one of your book cover and one of your book interior layout. These will be made available for you to securely download and view for your approval.**

This will be the first opportunity you have to see what your book will look like when it's published. The word 'galleys' is an old definition that is still used today in publishing and refers to the ancient presses and metal typography that were used to print text onto paper - in trays called 'galleys'.

  • If you require a professional proofreading of your book's galleys, now would be the time to undertake any final editorial revisions.

If you're not satisfied with the design of the first cover, the team can start again for you until you are absolutely satisfied. For expediency, and due to the amount of dedicated work hours and research effort our designers spend on each cover design, we allow one pass of artwork. You can also supply your own book cover if you wish, and supply author photos for your important backcover and bookseller profiles during this stage.

**You will be given 14 days to make any author alterations you deem necessary, but please be advised that this is staff-intensive, and excessive corrections slow down the production process.

FTP Transmission of Work

To protect your copyrighted work against intellectual property theft, Schiel & Denver will only authorize sending electronic proofs via our military level secure servers. S&D never sends unpublished proofs or galleys via surface mail.

Stage 5

Stage 5: Professional Printing & Distribution

  • Effective January 1, 2007, the publishing industry moved from a 10-digit ISBN to a 13-digit ISBN. For information on the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) expansion to 13-digits, visit The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) website at

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.