Thursday September 12 , 2013
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Dale Alleyne-Ho (Hones.) E.C.E, CCBE, LE - (Author) The Ultimate Guide To Labour & Birth

This guide has been a vision of mine for some time, some might have referred to it as a ‘labour in progress’, and I’m absolutely pleased to work with the incredibly supportive and very professional team at Schiel & Denver, who’ve helped to make my dreams fast become a reality. 

Perfect for college reading lists, nursing and university life science courses, the ultimate guide to Labour & Birth by Canadian author Dale Alleyne-Ho, an experienced healthcare professional with over eight years expertise in the medical/nursing field of childbirth education, is a valuable information tool for both new mothers and women preparing to give birth. Following the success of the guide, a Childbirth education DVD is being planned in conjunction with Bravado Designs, the maternity bra company.

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The Story behind the Guide

'You’ve come a long way baby!' is the phrase that immediately comes to mind when thinking of my journey throughout this lifetime and where it has led me, both professionally and personally. Born and raised in Barbados - my little island paradise - I made the transition to life in Canada during my teen years.

Several years later after making the decision to go back to school following the birth of my second son, I successfully attained my diploma in Early Childhood Education, and shortly thereafter became certified as a childbirth educator and further went on to become a lactation educator.  Since then I have had the pleasure of instructing and supporting countless couples throughout the process of labour, birth and beyond.

The idea for the book - ‘The Ultimate Guide to Labour and Birth’ - grew during my years of instructing childbirth classes and listening to some of the concerns many of these couples had going into the birth, the most common concern for some of these couples seemed to be the uncertainty of being able to remember everything they’d learned throughout their prenatal series and then having to apply this to the actual labour.

Having a reference tool such as ‘The Ultimate Guide to Labour and Birth’ readily available to these couples during the labour process can help ease these fears, giving the couple more confidence in their own abilities by providing that needed reassurance through information learned. 

About the Author

Dale Alleyne-Ho has been guiding couples throughout the entire process of pregnancy, birth and the early years as a childbirth educator and early childhood educator for over eight years, as a lactation educator she provides continual support and education to breastfeeding families.

Dale has also written several professional articles for a local pregnancy and birth magazine. Being able to provide a continuity of support to families, from conception to parenting is something she is proud to be able to provide.

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