Saturday September 14 , 2013
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Dr Sushant Deb - Developing Safety Management Standards

When Las Vegas airport authorities wanted to purchase my book, they could easily go about purchasing ... and received the books. Thanks Schiel & Denver.

About Dr Sushant Deb - Author, Developing Safety Management Standards In Commercial Aviation

Schiel & Denver author and U.S. Aviation expert, Dr Sushant Deb, consults on aviation safety-security-quality management systems and conducts counterterrorism studies. He is an IRCA (International Register for Certificated Auditors) certified Lead Assessor for AS9100, AS9110, AS9120, and ISO 9001 standards. Dr Deb has coauthored three books on Best Practices for ASD (Aviation-Space-Defense) sectors quality management systems.

Dr. Deb also conducts audits under the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, International Air Transportation Association, and International Civil Aviation Organization schemes. He has more than thirty eight years’ experience in academia, government, business, and international agencies. He recently achieved Certification of Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist. He is a member of Flight Safety Foundation, American Society for Quality, and International association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals.

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