Friday September 13 , 2013
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Gavin Murtagh (Author) - Into the Maelstrom

I am not renowned for throwing platitudes around but I have to say that I have been knocked out by the pure professionalism and healthy desire to achieve by my present publishers, Schiel & Denver. This somebody began to have serious doubts of his ability because of experiences of neglect by previous publishers. But hats off to a truly trustworthy and caring organisation in S&D who gave me a chance to prove my readers right!...A breath of fresh air then to discover that Schiel & Denver values my efforts and trusts in me to deliver that special something to make us all happy!

Schiel & Denver has published Gavin Murtagh's second novel, Into the Maelstrom, which is an exciting supernatural thriller set in the American Deep South. S&D welcomes authors who have been published previously and written more than one book.

Gavin's story - from strength to strength...

The truth is I never set out to be an author. Circumstances dictated that I find something fast in the way of employment when my health began to fail and I could no longer expect full-time work. Fortunately as it seems, I had hidden talent as a writer, although some people had said over the years that I was good with words. So all I required was an ability to formulate words into a storyline that would be of interest to others. Have I achieved that goal? Only time will tell.

The most powerful ingredient in any storyline is having sufficient imagination and the ability to describe what is in the mind that could be of interest to a reader. In my case I have a film constantly playing. I am the director of that film and need to portray what I see so others can hopefully enjoy the result of what is written. The key to my own personal journey is that I believe nothing that I write is impossible. In the mind’s eye everything can be explained. I describe what can be observed but also include in the mix from my imagining that that cannot be seen. Dreams have always been subject of conjecture and I believe some, if not all, to be important.

But in our highly paced world where speed is king we have lost sight of something fundamental and meant to help us connect. Maybe one day something will happen to alter that situation. In the meantime I will continue to write in similar vein and hope it helps readers to understand and appreciate another perspective. 

About the Author

Gavin Murtagh is the author of the paranormal thriller trilogy Stray Dog; and has also written several other commercially successful books, including Tommy No!, Djumbola: Nature's Curse and Djumbola: The Last Days.

Gavin lives in Hertfordshire, England with his wife and two children.

Interview with Gavin Murtagh about Into the Maelstrom

S&D: What are you most proud of achieving with your book, Into the Maelstrom?

GM: I am conscious of the amount of ridicule that those with a belief in the afterlife have to endure. I hope I have presented a matter of fact way of explaining the possibilities through a storyline without preaching. There is something about us all around, no question.

It is only a shade away from our senses but some have a glimpse or two from time to time. Paranormal activity can not be studied properly to my mind because it has no intention of letting us know its workings. I believe this is definitely for a good purpose. It needs to be treated with respect. I'm sure it would not enjoy being dissected, prodded or poked!

S&D: What inspired you to write the Stray Dog Trilogy?

GM: The writing of something as dark as the occult which is portrayed in Into the Maelstrom comes naturally to me. Going on from my answer to the first question above I believe that we do not fully understand our dark side.

Because of this belief I have to venture inside my own imagination and at the same time read books on the occult and similar watched in documentaries.

S&D: Have you ever visited any of the places in your books?

GM: I wish I had been able to! No it is all purely from my imagination after watching and reading so much over the years. I just hope I have got it right. I've read about authors taking time out to visit the next port of call to get a feel for the next book. I have felt a disappointment that I am not able to be in such an exclusive bracket so my imagination has to take the place of it.

S&D: When did you first start writing?

GM: I began writing in earnest in 2004 but when I suffered heart failure in 2005 the rate increased! Having lost my employment I needed to find another way to pay the bills.

S&D: Who is your favorite author and why?

I am more influenced by the nature of the book rather than having a favorite author. Examples of these are; Roots by Alex Haley, a raw feel of slavery through the years. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown, a moving account of terribly wronged peoples.

S&D: What can we expect from your next book?

GM: I have watched a lot of documentaries on Genghis Khan and already had something in my mind.

S&D: Have you been following political events in America, and what do you think of the election of President Barack Obama?

GM: I have watched with interest this time. I hope the American people as a whole accept it and support his efforts. Wherever he is now MLK will be a proud spectator!

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