Saturday August 10 , 2013
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Geraldo Simas (Author) - Divine Geometry

It is my pleasure to know that my book, Divine Geometry, has been appreciated by the team at Schiel & Denver. You have transformed 2009 into a very special year. Good luck for all of us. 

A computer scientist, research mathematician and graduate in Business Administration from Brazil's top university, the internationally renowned Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Geraldo Simas explores in his mysterious novel, Divine Geometry, the relationships between mathematical logic, divinity and the philosophy of life.

Geraldo's other published works include:

- Our Animal Life (Nossa Vida Animal)
- Maliciously Angelical Tales (Contos Maliciosamente Angelicais)
- Mysteries of Mind Energies (Mistérios das Energias da Mente)

A personal journey

I've been working in the computer science field since 1974, when there wasn't any internet or even personal computers. My professional research experience is based in mathematical logic, philosophy and psychology, and mathematics is a great passion that I embraced in my youth and has been a focal point for the development of characteristics revealed in my books. Especially Divine Geometry.

But there is a deeper story weaved into the intellectual fabric of my book.

You see, I was born in Brazil, in the early 1950s, at a time of great change and global recovery. I lived my childhood in a city where the simple habits like flying a kite, building a little air balloon or kicking a ball were especially delightful.

Being the son of a marine father, I could enjoy, at least until my teenage years, the pleasure of traveling aboard the old war cargo ships. Not only as a passenger, but as a kind of assistant, with duties and tasks to accomplish. It demanded discipline, yet it was inspiring and entertaining. I will always love Brazil. I am pleased my fans are so supportive of my work. 

Critical Praise for Divine Geometry

"Divine Geometry is a stirring, well-paced novel and it's hard for the reader not to get caught up in the excitement as everyone takes two steps forward, one step backward in solving the puzzles surrounding the manuscripts."  The Hidden Staircase Mystery Books Review

Book Description

In South Italy an archaeological expedition sponsored by a computer science business man from India, discovers a relic inside a container with an octahedron shape, containing five encrypted manuscripts. But due to the expedition leader’s lack of attention, four of the group are robbed in a violent plot, the same night of the discovery. As dark forces begin to merge, the discovery and the theft become front page news in the world media.  Such are the repercussions, the events trigger different global media companies to budget resources to dig deeper into the sensational story.

The goal of deciphering the remaining manuscript, as well as to discover the whereabouts of the others that had disappeared, become the challenge for several people, but primarily for a reporter from The New York Times and a Le Monde colleague. The suspicion that it could be work of Pythagoras, the master of Samos who was known to have lived in that particular region, awake all manner of interests in this taut and exciting mystery. A disaster of catastrophic proportions, the origin of which is still a mystery for the scientific community, could have a direct connection with this discovery.

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