Friday September 13 , 2013
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Earl Hoyt (Author) - Industrial Design Innovation

 I was delighted to see the introduction of my new book listed under the new book section on Amazon.

Ever wondered who invented the dental floss dispenser and Airwick Industries vapor-dispensing technology?

A quick search of the US Patent Office reveals the name of the inventor, Earl Hoyt, the previously unknown brainchild behind many of the inventions we all commonly use in our households. American Inventor, Earl Hoyt, invented the first, highly functional, "consumer convenient" floss dispenser.

Hoyt designed a highly function new floss dispenser for Johnson & Johnson which eliminated four existing major negative features of their existing floss dispenser. The four new highly functional features included: reduce the bulk of the dispenser to fit more comfortably in a pocket or purse, stretched the floss over a small cavity which simplified grasping each new piece of floss, provided an integrally molded in "flip up" dust cover for sanitary floss protection and presented a professional, visually pleasing image. This highly successful consumer orient dispenser design has been in the marketplace for over 48 years and still going strong.

Hoyt, one of Airwick Inc’s and Johnson and Johnson’s key design engineers on many famous products, tells his mesmerizing story in this fascinating biography, including a list of some of his 75 amazing inventions in a spectacular career as an inventor that has spanned over 4 decades from his humble beginnings as an Honors graduate of Pratt Institute.

This is the must-read book for all inventors and budding entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to market and keep control of their intellectual property.

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