Saturday September 14 , 2013
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Dr Pavel Špatenka M.D. (Author) - Hidden Power

My book is really selling well and we're promoting the fact the book is on the world market.

Dr Pavel Špatenka M.D., Author

Dr Pavel Špatenka M.D. choose Schiel & Denver to publish his book Hidden power. Dr Špatenka's book is a fascinating deep probe into the principles of male psychology, masculine thinking, perceptions of male identity and a spiritual world of men. Although the book directly addresses men, it also speaks to women. It describes that part of the spirit that we call a masculine power.

The book describes the power that is common to all of us regardless of our gender. If women are to understand men, they need to understand how masculine power works within them. And if men are to understand women, they first need to open up and understand themselves.

Dr Špatenka, an experienced medical doctor and psychologists takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the human psyche; while giving practical advice about how we can orient ourselves in the complex world of thinking, feeling, emotions and the language of the physical body. Dr. Špatenka then helps the reader to make a change from a false to true identity by offering simple yet practical steps, tested by the years of Dr. Špatenka’s clinical practice.



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