Saturday September 14 , 2013
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Samuel Ileso (Author) - Unfolding the Mysteries of Creation

Evangelist minister and inspiring author, Samuel Ileso, published his book Unfolding the Mysteries of Creation with Schiel & Denver to praise our Lord, Jesus Christ, and spread the word of the Holy Gospel.

As a Christian book publisher, Schiel & Denver is distributed to Christian bookstores throughout the world, including the United States, England and Europe, by Spring Arbor and STL, the largest and most respected Christian book distributors in the book publishing industry.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers welcomes Christian authors across the globe with our Statement of Faith.

Read the inspiring Christian story behind 'Unfolding the Mysteries of Creation'...

As a devoted Christian, I am filled with divine ideas, and need to share my interest, opinions, creativity and talents with people. As a servant of the Most High God, writing a well established and respected book, gives me the platform to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus. The goal is to make a difference in the life of others by helping people reconnect to their divine source, revive their courage and faith to deal with the inevitable surprises that life may bring their ways. This book is in series and the aim is to tackle some of the world’s most intractable emotional /spiritual problems by divine approaches, abilities, gifts as a writer, teacher, evangelist and inspirational speaker. We live in an era when people from all over the world are more open and hungry than ever before for spiritual truth.

Being a published author is incredibly gratifying. Giving birth to a book gives me an overwhelming satisfaction. It takes the grace of God to write my kind of book because the special role of the Holy Spirit in accomplishing this task is really very strong. When you allow God to take His rightful place in your life, He will talk to you and also teach you some hidden truths; that is exactly what is happening. Now being a published author is like a fulfilled dream. The journey so far has being very delightful and nothing short of exhilarating. People hold me in high esteem knowing that I have joined the publishing industry. I am able to branch out to different avenues, organise seminars related to my expert topic, be a consultant speaker.

I have had the ambition of being a published author ever since I was a kid and now I am part of that exclusive group. Beside earning the respect of becoming “the writing expert” from my friends, colleagues and relatives, strangers are now more excited when they discovered I had written a book published by a reputable book publisher.

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