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Why publish a book with us?

47 reasons to love Schiel & Denver Book Publishers...

Schiel & Denver, a leading international book publishing services company, helps authors all over the world achieve their dream of professional publication. Choosing a reputable book publisher is a critical step in the book publishing process, and by choosing S&D Book Publishers, you'll be guided by an expert team of book publishing professionals who know their way around the book publishing industry and are serious about providing a first-class book publishing experience tailored exclusively to your book's success.

When you publish a book with Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, you retain all rights and control all the decisions around the publishing of your book. You determine how many copies of your book is printed, with no minimum orders, 50% royalties, and global distribution which rivals the big six NYC commercial book publishers; Pan Macmillan, Random House, HarperCollins, Penguin, Hachette Book Group and Simon & Schuster.

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1We have a proven track record of highly successful authors »

2Official member of United Nations Global Compact in New York »

3International book distributors and the largest in the U.S. & Canada »

4Worldwide ISBN distribution - online and brick and mortar stores »

5You keep full rights ownership of your work »

6Affordable, up-front and transparent fee schedule »

7You have full editorial control and total design freedom »

8You can profit with 50% author royalties »

9Independent accounting and fair scrutiny of records »

10Our staff provide full-service book publishing support after publication »

11Corporate member of recognized North American book publishing associations »

12S&D can handle the logistics of a modern bestseller »

13Publish in any United Nations language »

14State-of-the-art digital printing facilities in USA, Europe & Australia »

15U.S. manufacturing and local ground shipping for all U.S. orders »

16Excellent book printing, quality control and industry-standard book production »

17Reach independent bookstores across the United States of America »

18Espresso Book Machine® Distribution Channel »

19Professional custom-designed book cover included, as standard »

20Choose your book's distribution territory »

21Private publication available - great for individuals and companies »

22Publish your book quickly »

23Professional studio audiobook production and distribution »

24International copyright protection »

25Integrated book translation, publishing and global distribution »

26Electronic book (eBook) format and distribution »

27Experienced staff and expert publishing resources »

28Christian-centered publishing community »

29Publish in any subject or genre »

30Intelligent book pricing policy »

31Deep volume discounts »

32No minimum orders »

33You can test the market »

34Great for your professional career »

35Ideal for time-sensitive publications »

36Expert marketing, legal and publicity support - for your book's lifetime »

37Professional Bookselling Department »

38Great for school, apprenticeship and college course materials »

39You don't need a literary agent »

40Leave your legacy and tell your story »

41Oxford and Cambridge University Library Archive  - for prosperity »

42Registration / Legal Deposit in the Library of Congress & British Library »

43Choose a publisher committed to protecting forests and the environment »

44Media Reserve - Digital Media Service for authors and small publishers »

45Thriving author community and social support networks »

46Publish with S&D and support Breast Cancer Research »

47Become a full member of American Forests and plant 25 trees »

Call us today at 832-699-0264 and start your book publishing journey with Schiel & Denver

Proven track record of highly successful authors

With a strong backlist of titles that have sold hundreds of thousands, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers succeeds by providing outstanding book publishing services that offer more choice, and give more creative power and design freedom to our talented authors.

Whether this is your first book, or your ninth, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers can empower your book to compete with major book publishers' titles, both in terms of profitability, production standards, international book distribution and expert one-to-one author support. Our experienced staff are drawn from the same professional pool of seasoned editors, graphic designers, book marketeers and pre-press technicians that supply top New York and European book publishing houses.

Schiel & Denver's partners include the largest, and oldest, U.S. book distributors. As a book publishing company, S&D is happy to work with both traditional and independent self-publishing authors, across a broad range of literary genres.

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Official member of United Nations Global Compact in New York, USA

On 17 February 2009, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers received the prestigious honor of admission as a member to the United Nations Global Compact in New York, United States of America.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers now reports back to the UN Headquarters on an annual basis, with full case studies and Communication on Progress (COP) reports to the UN Secretary-General's office documenting our efforts to use sustainable and environmentally sound book publishing technology.

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We employ the largest, and oldest, book distributors in the world

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers provides authors with international market access. We are partnered with a world-class network of leading international and U.S. book publishing partners, through both global book retail and library sectors. This includes Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor, the largest book distributors in the United States and Canada.

One of the main factors that sets Schiel & Denver apart from other independent book publishers and self publishing companies is that our worldwide distribution gives a unique advantage to authors looking to sell more books.

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Worldwide ISBN distribution - online and brick & mortar stores

Publishing with Schiel & Denver Book Publishers means placing your book in the world's largest and most comprehensive network of both online and brick and mortar retail book stores. Our authors are our partners, which is why we invest in professional trade paperback print runs from 300 - 8,000 copies for every book we commit to market.

We have solid book publishing relationships supplying over 160,000+ leading chain and independent retail booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Walmart, Powells, Alibris, Target, Chapters Indigo in Canada and Waterstones/WHsmith in United Kingdom.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers distributes our ISBN book titles through over 100 countries, across 4 continents, with a digital printing and warehousing infrastructure that includes state-of-the art printing facilities in America, England, France, Singapore and Australia.

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You keep full rights ownership - non-exclusive agreement

Our book publishing model is non-exclusive and author-centered, ensuring you retain complete ownership and control of all the intellectual book publishing rights, and copyright, to your book. Read our fair author agreement.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers is a responsible book publisher dedicated to protecting our authors' rights. We're a fair company with strong Christian values; and we don't tie up authors in unfair contracts or outdated publishing clauses.

If an editor or publisher makes you a traditional book publishing offer, you are free to cancel your agreement at any time. Schiel & Denver Book Publishers is a valuable investment for your success.

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Affordable, up-front and transparent fee schedule

At Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, authors always know where they stand, and exactly how much we charge. All our prices are on our website. There are no hidden charges, no hidden extras, and all our prices are affordable and reasonable.

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You have full editorial control and total design freedom

At Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, the author is the boss and we've made the process easy and simple.

You will have full control over every aspect of your book's publication, from editorial stage to proofreading, design implementation, marketing decisions and overall timeline. We provide you with the professional and legal book publishing tools that meet all technical book publishing industry standards.

You choose where in the world you want your book distributed. You choose the type of paper, the physical binding and trim size, and customize every detail about your book publishing experience - including how you want the front cover, back cover and spine to look, whether you want your own personalized book publishing logo, and where you want the EAN barcode placed on the back.

You can write the blurb that appears on the backcover, or if you want to personalize the backcover with your author photo and biography, that's fine too.

Schiel & Denver caters to your creative talent, and our staff are experts at delivering top-quality publications, for perfectionists, who demand only the best.

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50% Author Royalties - profit from your work

Each time your book sells as a paperback, hardback or electronic book (eBook) format, you will receive 50% net revenue, distributed on a quarterly basis. Now you can profit from your hardwork with fair and reasonable royalty rates.

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Independent accounts and fair scrutiny of records

In accordance with Schiel & Denver Book Publishers's commitment to the United Nations Global Compact regarding anti-corruption, we have pledged that all our authors' booksales are calculated by an independent industry watchdog, Nielsen Bookscan. Our authors can also request to see the full accounting receipts.

This transparent approach provides our authors with total peace-of-mind that they are being furnished with accurate and honest royalty and accounting records.

  • Visit Nielsen Bookscan UK, US, Australia

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Schiel & Denver Book Publishers will support your book after it's published

When your book is finally published with Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, our experienced team of book publishing professionals will help ensure the book marketing and distribution of your book goes as smoothly as your book publishing experience. We provide FREE warehousing and additional print runs for 10 years for all our authors.

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We hold full corporate membership of the Association of American Publishers

Investing in our success, Schiel & Denver is an active member of leading publishing and translation associations, enabling both authors' to benefit from our access to first-class industry support networks.

Schiel & Denver holds full corporate membership of The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and UN Global Compact.

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Schiel & Denver can handle the logistics of a modern bestseller

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers employs state-of-the-art digital printing facilities in U.S, Europe and the Far East, with industrial production output that is capable of processing combined orders for your paperback or hardback book anywhere from 1 to 1.1 million copies, in less than 72 hours with UPS track-able delivery.

Our book publishing company has the relevant digital printing technology to perform both print on demand and offset print runs to bookstore-quality.

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Publish your book in any official United Nations Language

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers can work in any of the diplomatic languages of the United Nations; English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Schiel & Denver is also a multi-sector translation specialist, with qualified membership of the American Translators Association, and a database of over 1500+ experienced language professionals around the world, who work to our industry benchmark of ASTM international standards in high quality, meticulous translations.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers uses qualified professional linguists, not just bi-lingual speakers, and we are the first publishing services company to offer a fully integrated book translation, publishing and distribution service to UN language markets.

With S&D's global publishing network, it is possible for Spanish authors based in Europe to reach an audience of Latin American and Hispanic readers in the USA, and vice versa.

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State-of-the-art book publishing and book printing facilities around the world

Today, with the advent of digital printing, we are able to match supply and demand for your book perfectly, with no waste. After the initial print runs are sold, books are stored electronically as digital production files at each of our state-of-the art printing facilities in Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Maine, USA, and in our European book publishing facilities.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers electronically routes orders to the nearest printing location, and is therefore able to print, process and fulfil all orders for books, within 24 hours, at the location nearest to the end user. We ship worldwide from our USA printing facilities based in TN, PA and ME; and use domestic U.S. postal service/UPS for delivery within the continental USA.

We have thus eliminated trans-atlantic shipping costs, and welcome authors from around the world, in different time zones.

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U.S. local ground shipping for all U.S. Orders

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers keeps costs down by printing and fulfilling all U.S. orders entirely within the continental United States, employing local staff and local U.S. ground shipping from our U.S. facilities in TN, PA and ME. The company operates professional warehouses in Denver, Colorado and Surrey, England.

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Excellent book printing, quality control and industry-standard book production

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers guarantees that both you and your readers will be impressed with the high standard of our book printing from the initial print runs to continuous production. We have invested heavily in sophisticated book printing technology, including state-of-the-art publishing facilities and in-house Xerox docutech printing systems, to ensure that all our books (both black/white and full-color) are excellent products.

All our black and white books have custom full-color covers, and are bookstore quality.

Reach independent bookstores across the United States of America

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers recognize the important role of local and independent bookstores, and we are keen to support indie stores by making all our books orderable through local US bookstore trade catalogs.

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Espresso Book Machine Distribution Channel®

With Schiel & Denver, your book can be made available through On Demand Books' Espresso Book Machine distribution channel - 'an ATM for Books', at thousands of libraries, university and college bookstores, airport, ski resort and other book retail locations across America, Canada and other part of the world.

Professional custom designed full-color bookcover

We don't use templates at Schiel & Denver. Most of our book publishing packages include a fully customized color book cover, designed by professional graphic designers, as a standard feature - which you can control.

We wait for your approval. If you are not satisfied, we will design another cover for you. We want you to be 100% satisfied.

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You can choose where in the world to distribute your book

At the time of writing, Schiel & Denver is the only book publishing services company in the world which lets authors choose which distribution rights territories they wish to distribute their ISBN book product. This is possible due to the special relationship Schiel & Denver enjoys with our distribution partners, allowing us to earmark specific books for specific global regions.

We give authors these distribution options:

  1. Worldwide Distribution (see network below)
  2. U.S. & Canada only
  3. European Union
  4. U.K Only
  5. Private Publication (No ISBN)

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You can publish your book privately

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers has hundreds of private clients, including law firms and businesses who engage our book publishing services to produce their corporate manuals/brochures etc, and newly wed couples publishing their full color wedding albums. We also have private writers and artists who use our services to professionally produce their own work.

With Schiel & Denver, we can print copies of your book in any quantity, and ship to your residential or commercial address, anywhere in the world.

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Publish your book quickly - no hassle

Traditional book publishing takes too long. The average publication from acquisitions to final publication is at least 18 months at most traditional publishing houses. Your book may be altered beyond recognition by the time it finally makes it into the market place, and it is unlikely that you will have any control over the editorial, design or marketing decisions.

With Schiel & Denver, you can become a properly-published author with worldwide ISBN distribution, in as little as 30 days. Unlike self-publishing, we offer consistent and expert author support before and after you've published your book, and for as long as you wish your book to stay in print.

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Professional audiobook production and distribution services

Schiel & Denver Audiobook Solutions provides independent authors who publish with the company, access to professional audiobook CD and digital production, and unparalleled distribution of both digital media and CD inventory, at affordable costs.

Through our Media Reserve division, our authors can achieve unparalleled audiobook distribution through a digital online network that includes iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Walmart MP3 and the media telecommunications giant, Verizon V Cast.

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International copyright protection

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers offers registration with the U.S. Copyright Office and a full-service copyright protection service. In Europe, our book publishing company is registered as a Data Controller in the United Kingdom under the Data Protection Act 1998, and we are licenced by the trusted Copyright Licensing Agency. At Schiel & Denver, we view our authors' books as precious, valuable assets. We are determined to ensure each author has substantive access to our knowledgable legal book publishing resources, and that their intellectual property and original copyright, is protected worldwide.

U.S. and UK Copyright Licensing Authorities

Our book publishing partner, the Copyright Licensing Agency, which collects fees on behalf of authors and creators for the use of their work, has a digital bilateral agreement with it's American equivalent, the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). This agreement allows us to recoup revenue for the licensed copying of digital works.

We offer all authors U.S. Copyright Registration

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers offers professional U.S. copyright registration as a matter of policy. We take care of all the difficult legal paperwork. At the time of writing, S&D is the only publishing services companies that operates a dedicated rights department for handling third-party copyright and permissions requests on our authors' behalf.

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Integrated book translation, publishing and global distribution

With Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, authors can exploit multiple language markets, while they retain all the rights to their book and increase their protected income streams exponentially.

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we can publish and market your work in any of the UN language markets: English, French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese.

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Electronic book (eBook) format and availability

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers recognizes the economic, and environmental importance of eBooks. We offer professional eBook publishing and distribution in Adobe PDF, Mobireader, Microsoft Reader and Amazon Kindle formats, through our global network of over 25,000+ online bookstores, including top U.S. eBook stores like Diesel eBooks.

You choose your own DRM settings

Given the controversy surrounding Digital Rights Management (DRM), we've decided to give authors more choice and let them choose their own level of DRM protection for their eBook, through our online retail distribution network.

For instance, authors can choose to turn DRM off, so readers can copy and distribute the entire eBook, or, alternatively, choose that their eBook should be designated 'Read Aloud' or 'Printable' for x number of pages. This ensures our authors remain in control of how their work is distributed. So far, S&D has received very positive feedback regarding this new approach.

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Experienced staff and expert publishing resources

At Schiel & Denver, each author is given their own personal professional design team who are dedicated to your book, and offer an unparalleled range of publishing services from editorial to design, marketing and expert publicity, in an author-friendly environment.

Through our Whatever/Whenever Support System, you can send messages through the S&D Author Center to your design teams' blackberrys, laptops and voicemail - and a member of staff will contact you either by phone or email within 24 hours - even at weekends and vacations.

A reputation for outstanding customer service

Choosing Schiel & Denver to publish your book, means investing in your success. It means placing your valuable book into the hands of an outstanding professional publishing staff, drawn from the same pool of editors and marketeers as the major publishing houses.

Schiel & Denver also attends more trade shows than any other publishing services provider, and offers 50% net royalty receipts, amongst the highest revenues in the industry.

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Christian-centered publishing community

Schiel & Denver is strengthened by our Christian philosophy. Many of our staff are committed Christians, and as a company we strive to publish books that impact our Christian culture in support of traditional family values, sanctity of life, compassion for the poor, biblical view of human nature, limited government, personal freedom, and other such causes that preserve and promote high moral and ethical standards.

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Publish in any subject or genre

Schiel & Denver specializes in publishing high quality books for first-time and veteran authors, corporations and organizations worldwide. With the expertise and support of our professional publishing team, you can work with us in any genre of book publishing, from academic texts to novels and general fiction, from children's books and full color books to photography and luxury wedding albums.

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Intelligent book pricing policy

At S&D Book Publishers, we don't have use blanket book pricing. The price of each book is carefully researched and calculated on a case-by-case basis, with market competition and retail environment taken carefully into consideration. Our authors demand the best, and our book publishing experts are meticulous to the last detail.

Authors are also free to set their own price, if they want total control.

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Deep volume discounts

At Schiel & Denver, there is no obligation to purchase copies of your own book.

If you need bulk copies for in-store booksignings, book reviewers, or for a local marketing campaign, we offer huge volume discounts of up to 30% off the retail price. This enables you to affordably mount extensive marketing campaigns, and avoid all the hassle.

Whereas some publishing companies focus on getting your family and friends to buy books, at Schiel & Denver, we focus on selling as many books as possible to the book buying public - i.e. real readers - and we want our authors to receive critical acclaim in the process.

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No minimum orders

With Schiel & Denver's state-of-the-art book publishing facilities, we can print copies of your book, to order - one at a time - or in offset print runs of tens of thousands. In either case, we match supply and demand perfectly - so every book printed is destined to end up in the hands of a real reader who has purchased a copy.

The books are then despatched from our U.S. or European printing facilities, and we use domestic shipping methods (i.e. U.S. postal service, if you live in America) to fulfil the order to the final customer.

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You can test the market

With Schiel & Denver's Book Publishers global fulfilment infrastructure, superior production output and outstanding marketing tools, you don't have to print thousands of books to find out if your book has an interested market willing to buy copies.

Our publishing model is entirely risk-free, which is beneficial if your book is being promoted as a mass market product with wide appeal - or - if your book has a more specialized and limited market focus.

Either way, you can still enjoy book publishing success and keep costs low.

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Great for your professional career

Whether you're a business entrepreneur, college lecturer or just a creative writer - publishing a book is great for your CV and a fantastic method of disseminating your ideas on a surprisingly international platform.

With Schiel & Denver, you can reach readers in over 100 countries, and take a powerful step to advancing your own professional career, regardless of what social, scientific or educational field you specialize in.

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Ideal for time-sensitive publications

Sometimes you need to publish your book now - there may be some pressing political, scientific or ecological factor that requires due speed, without compromising on quality or professionalism. If the buzz is happening now, S&D can help you get there in time.

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Expert marketing, legal and publicity support - for your book's lifetime

Choose Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, and work with a professional book publishing team who will support and shephard you efficiently through the daunting task of publishing your book.

We liaise with industry professionals on all aspects of trade publishing, and have our own in-house experts that are skilled in relevant areas of U.S. and U.K. publishing and contract law, reinforcing our global dimension and enabling us to communicate effectively in diverse legal territories.

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Professional fully-staffed bookselling department

Unlike self-publishing, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers provides all authors with the coordinated support of a fully staffed booksales department. We produce a bi-annual trade catalog that our consultants use to pitch titles to chain and independent booksellers. We remove all the hassle and stress out of publishing, and will shephard you efficiently through the daunting task of successfully bringing your book to market.

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Great for school, apprenticeship and college course materials

If you're an educator, Schiel & Denver's professional book publishing packages makes it fast and easy to supply important learning tools or academic publications to your students, with uncompromising professionalism.

S&D can produce books in a timely manner sensitive to semester dates and school vacations. Your work will be presented beautifully and could be a feasible support or alternative to the course reading list.

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You don't need a literary agent

If you don't have a literary agent representing your work - it's no problem. We enjoy working directly with authors, and our publishing process is tailored to suit authors' needs.

As S&D authors retain all the publishing rights to their work, if a traditional literary agent, book publisher or book scout sees your published work later and wants to represent you, or offers you a book deal, you can cancel your contract with us and leave with no strings attached.

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Leave your legacy and tell your story

Each of us has a rich and unique story to tell, with moments of joy, tragedy and humor. Schiel & Denver Book Publishers gives everyone an opportunity to tell their personal history, and pass on their special knowledge and cherished gifts. With our global distribution channels, you might even help others and benefit someone else's life, such is the power of writing.

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Oxford and Cambridge University Library Archive - for prosperity

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers offers a unique bookseller service, to ensure your work is archived in two of the world's foremost seat of learning.

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Registration / Legal Deposit in Library of Congress & British Library

Through a powerful ONIX supply chain, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers offers participation in the British Library's Cataloguing-in-Publication (CIP) Programme to create important records of your forthcoming book in advance of publication, for archive preparation in the world's foremost library institutions and thousands of others across the globe, including without limitation;

  1. U.S. Library of Congress
  2. National Library of Canada
  3. British Library
  • Learn more about ONIX (Online Information Exchange)

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Choose a publisher committed to saving the natural environment

As a responsible corporate citizen, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers has undertaken the worthwhile initiatives to ensure our production and logistics process respects international efforts on sustainability.

The company is at the cutting edge of book technology to ensure our titles will be available via Expresso Book Machine® (EBM), or ATM for books, at thousands of library and bookstore locations across America by December 2010.

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Media Reserve - digital media service for authors and publishers

Media Reserve, part of the Schiel & Denver Group, gives independent authors who publish a book with the company the opportunity to expand their income streams by selling their digital content, through our protected network of over 5,800+ leading online retailers, schools & libraries including iTunes, Amazon, Walmart MP3 and Verizon Network's V-Cast plus many many more.

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Thriving author community and writer social support networks

Schiel & Denver has established our own thriving author community, through our exciting internal network just for authors, in S&D's author center. Login today to check the progress of your publication, get involved in promoting your book and choose services to make the most of your author experience, in an experienced book publishing community of friends and like-minded people, who all love writing and publishing books.

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Publish with S&D and support Breast Cancer Awareness

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers pledges to donate a portion of our net book sale proceeds to support Breast Cancer Research and education.

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Become a member of American Forests and Plant 25 trees

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers plants trees for each author we publish, and we offer membership of U.S. heritage organization, American Forests, as part of all our publishing packages. Schiel & Denver remains committed to using printing and production technology that is proven environmentally responsible.

Schiel & Denver is not responsible for the content of external third-party websites

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.