Friday September 13 , 2013
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United Nations Global Compact Stakeholder

The United Nations Global Compact Office

image Official United Nations Global Compact Stakeholder
On February 17th, 2009, Schiel & Denver formally received the prestigious honor of acceptance to participate in the United Nations Global Compact, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States of America.
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Official Statement on acceptance to United Nations Global Compact

Schiel & Denver is committed to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and recognizes the responsibility and commitment that this huge honor bestows upon our company. Schiel & Denver has made a formal written statement to Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, and has agreed with the UN Global Compact Office to formally report back annually to the United Nations Headquarters in New York on our progress in implementing United Nations policy and standards across the Schiel & Denver Group. We are currently preparing our first UN report for 2010.

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers is firmly committed to undertaking required case studies for the United Nations, and to adopting an established and globally responsible framework that recognizes our commitment to a UN monitored agenda, in labour standards, anti-corruption and environmentally responsible publishing technology.The benefits for Schiel & Denver authors are staggering. Our firm's infrastructure now has tangible access to the United Nations' extensive knowledge of and experience with sustainability and development issues.

Executive Board, Schiel & Denver Publishing Limited

Schiel & Denver's Plans: the task of implementing United Nations Policy

At Schiel & Denver, we recognize that the world is today facing unique and daunting environmental challenges. These include climate change; record loss of biodiversity and long-term damage to ecosystems; an emerging global crisis in water availability and water pollution; pollution of the atmosphere; waste production and disposal; impacts of chemicals use and toxic substance disposal; damaged aquatic ecosystems; and deforestation and land degradation.

Given that Schiel & Denver operates printing and pre-press machinery in multiple territories, and employs trans-national publishing partners, we feel a strong sense of duty to ensure that our company acts with responsible corporate citizenship, and adopts broad-based strategies and lawful policies to manage the widening array of risks presented by environmental challenges faced in our industry.

What is Schiel & Denver doing to respond to these environmental challenges?

Our transition efforts are already well underway. Schiel & Denver has formed an internal UN Global Compact committee that is charged with assessing every aspect of our company's role, and will make formal recommendations to Schiel & Denver's executive board on implementing UN Policy. Among the changes to be implemented, at all levels, across the Schiel & Denver Group:

  • We will substitute offset printing for print-on-demand, in it's capacity as an environmentally sound technology, as defined in Agenda 21, and make this method central to our business model. This will necessarily help protect the environment, and enable book production in a less polluting, more sustainable manner.
  • Where production processes that do not use resources efficiently are identified, environmentally sound technologies can be applied to reduce day-to-day operating inefficiencies, emissions of environmental contaminants, and worker exposure to hazardous materials and risks of technological disasters.
  • Schiel & Denver already publishes books in the six diplomatic language of the UN: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. We will strive to provide our authors and staff with a platform to share and exchange best and emerging practices in publishing and translation to advance practical solutions and strategies to common challenges.
  • With our support for the American Forestry, we plant 25 trees for every author we publish, and we aim to adopt an established and globally recognized policy framework for the development, implementation, and disclosure of environmental policies and practices.
  • We recognize the opportunity to link business units and subsidiaries across our value chain with the UN Global Compact's Country Networks around the world — many of these in developing and emerging markets.
  • We recognize the opportunity to advance sustainability solutions in partnership with a range of stakeholders, including UN agencies, governments, civil society, labour, and other non-business (environmental) interests.
  • We will utilize UN Global Compact management tools and resources, and the opportunity to engage in specialized workstreams in the environmental, social and governance realms.
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