Tuesday September 17 , 2013
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FeatureGospel ($799)Harmony ($1,899)Legacy ($3,999)
Easy Publishing Instructions
One-to-one Author Support
Non-exclusive agreement
Worldwide ISBN Assignment
Christian Bookstore Orderability
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First Print Run of 500 - 1,700 Copies (Check package for quantity)
Custom Full-Color Book Cover
Printing Checks On Each Book
No limits on page count
Publish Your Book Quickly
EAN Barcode Creation
Intelligent Book Pricing
Money Back Guarantee
Local Bookstore Availability
50% Author Royalties
Full Editorial Control & Total Design Freedom
Espresso Book Machine Distribution
Canadian Book Distribution Available
Softcover Availability
Choice of Book Trim-Sizes Available
FREE marketing in the S&D Trade Bookstore Catalog
Custom Interior Design
Electronic Proof
Personalized Back Cover & Spine
FREE softcover copies on publication (Check package for number of copies)
Volume Book Discounts
Author Webpage in S&D Bookstore
Online Book Sales & Royalty Accounting
Quarterly Royalty Payments
1 Year FREE Digital Catalog Fees
Books In Print Database Registration
Interior Image Placements (Check Package For Level)
eBook Distribution & Availability
International Cataloguing-In-Publication (CIP)
Bookstore Returns Program
Social Media & Professional Blog Design
Book Launch Tool Kit
Hardcover Format Availability
U.S. Copyright Office Registration
Targeted Press Release (100,000 Christian Media Outlets)
Oxford & Cambridge University Archive