Saturday August 10 , 2013
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Amazon Kindle Edition - $100

Make your book available to an audience of millions of Amazon shoppers and avid book readers, via the hugely popular Amazon Kindle format. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage a huge new fanbase. When Amazon introduced the Kindle reader in 2007, many in the book publishing industry did not foresee or expect the phenomenal surge in popularity that books in Kindle format would receive. Today, the Kindle is an American household name, bringing substantial prestige to authors who have had Kindle editions of their work made available in the format to the book buying public.

A Brief Background to Amazon's Kindle

Over 90,000 books were available for download at launch; that catalog grew to over 160,000 by August 2008 and was growing by over 25,000 titles per month by mid 2009. Like Apple's ipod, the Amazon Kindle e-reader is achieving cult status in book publishing and is successfully opening up a potentially huge new market of readers, with an intensive focus on the North American reading markets.

How Does Amazon Kindle Work?

The Kindle reader uses an awesome e-ink display, which has the effect of making the Kindle computer screen seem to the reader like reading real ink on real paper. You might be interested to know that as well as books, newspapers, magazines and blogs can now be uploaded onto the device wirelessly via Amazon’s free EVDO network (called WhisperNet) and many top publications are now being published in Kindle format.

How will Amazon Kindle format benefit my book?

Placing your book in the appealing Kindle Format is easy, and will help attract a wide variety of new readers, inevitably tapping potentially lucrative new income streams. Amazon Kindle edition is also increasingly being seen by readers as a required format that books, especially novels, should be available to buy in - making it less optional, and more an essential investment for the serious writer.

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