Saturday September 14 , 2013
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Professional Indexing - from $0.02 word

To order this service please call us at 832-699-0264 quoting your Author ID and Service #S2B-2

This service is available to both Schiel & Denver and External Authors

Service Details

Schiel & Denver Book Publisher's editorial department can create a well structured, accurate and user-friendly index for your book, journal, or database. The result is a high quality, dynamic index that conforms to book publishing industry standards and will enable your readers to locate and access information quickly; substantially enhancing the overall professionalism of your published book manuscript.

A number of our indexing staff hold professional membership with the American Society for Indexing, and the ASI Scholarly Indexing Special Interest Group; as well as being active in the peer review community for professional indexing.

Effective indexes are statistically proven to improve sales potential of certain types of books: particularly academic textbooks and technical projects; literary criticism and history, education, cultural and area studies. We can also produce book indexes for general interest (non-technical) topics; including health and lifestyle, hobby books, current events and memoirs.

Working in consultation with your desk editor and book publishing team, experienced indexers in our editorial department can create technical / alphabetical indexes, of appropriate content and length. These are usually two-level topical indexes, based on names, places, subjects or logical concepts that will be read and flagged within your work.

Our professional book publishing indexers have years of experience and are specialized in preparing both academic and non-technical indexes, fully customized for the reader’s viewpoint; while keeping the literary tone and intent faithful to the author’s original terminology and semantic meaning.

How Does It Work?

How does the Professional Indexing service work?

Your customized, professional index will be created towards the latter stages by Schiel & Denver Book Publishers editorial department, after you have approved the press-ready galley proofs of your work. The turnaround time varies according to the length of your material, but usually can be processed within 21 days.

Please note that if you implement any changes to your manuscript during or after purchasing the indexing service; this might necessarily affect the content of the customized index.

Pricing Information

How do I purchase this Service?

  • The cost of this service is $0.02 per word (non-technical) and $0.04 per word (academic/scientific).

  • Turnaround Time is 21 days.


*To calculate the final price for your manuscript, multiply the number of words in your manuscript by $0.02 or $0.04. Please call a book publishing consultant at Schiel & Denver Book Publishers toll free at 1-832-699-0264.

Example calculation for a graduate textbook (non-technical) of 80,000 words:

Word Count     x     $0.02     =     Final Price

80,000      x     $0.02      =     $1,600

At Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, we find most writers prefer to work with transparent and up-front guidelines, where they know exactly what our services cost, before engaging them. All rates are quoted in U.S. dollars and there is a minimum charge of $350.00 per job.

If you have purchased the expedited service package, and require rapid indexing services, this service can be expedited for $0.08 per word. These rates apply to electronic editing of Microsoft Word documents. If your book manuscript is in a different format or hard copy, please have your book manuscript converted to a digital microsoft word format before our indexers begin work, due to complicated editing tools our book publishing team require.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.