Friday September 13 , 2013
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Data Entry Service - from $3.50 per page

To order this service please call us at 832-699-0264 quoting your Author ID and Service #S2A-4

This service is only available to Schiel & Denver Authors

Service Details

Data Entry is a custom manuscript service that is provided to assist authors who prefer to submit their manuscript as either a handwritten or standard-typed paper document; or as a series of more diverse paper documents (i.e. post-its, A3 size paper etc). At Schiel & Denver, we recognize that authors are very creative people who don't always follow accepted norms. This service therefore is designed to accommodate even the most unusual of submissions, and give authors a reliable and cost-effective entry into the book publishing process.

Your manuscript will be effectively converted into a working digital file in the correct format for your design team to begin production work. The turnaround time is dependent on complexity and length, and can usually be performed in 30-45 days for standard work and 45-60 days for handwritten/difficult documents.

The Data Entry Service is suitable in the following instances;

  1. Your manuscript is on standard double-spaced A4 typed paper, and you don't have the computer files (or they have corrupted). Let us save you the hassle of having to type this up again into your computer. (Standard cost - $3.50 per page)
  2. Your manuscript is handwritten on paper. (Advanced cost - $5 per page)
  3. Your manuscript contains both typed and handwritten material. (Advanced cost - $5 per page)
  4. Your manuscript contains handwritten complex symbols or mathematical equations. (Advanced cost - $5 per page)
  5. Your manuscript is typed or handwritten on unusual or different sizes of paper i.e. A3, post-it notes or other material (Advanced cost - $5 per page)

Pricing Information

How do I purchase this service?

  • The Data Entry Service costs $3.50 per page for a standard double-spaced A4 typed page. For handwritten works or any document not on standard sheets of paper (including complex content with mathematical equations or unusual fonts/formatting) - the cost is $5.00 per page.

  • Purchase this service before submitting your manuscript


*To calculate the final price for Data Entry Service, multiply the number of pages in your manuscript by either $3.50 (standard) or $5 (handwritten/difficult). Example calculation for data entry of standard double spaced A4 manuscript of length 100 pages:

Page Count     x     $3.50     =     Final Price

100 x        $3.50        =       $350

At Schiel & Denver, we find most people prefer to work with transparent and up-front guidelines, where they know exactly what our services cost, before engaging them. All rates are quoted in U.S. dollars and there is a minimum charge of $250 per job.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.