Friday September 13 , 2013
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TV-Ready Professional Book Video Trailers

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers is proud to introduce an exciting and powerful new way for independent authors to connect with their readers, by having your own professionally-broadcast video trailer of your book, engineered by ex-Hollywood movie production specialists. With Schiel & Denver's book video trailers, we enable you to level the playing field between your book and major titles, even using the same video design consultants as the New York trade publishing houses.

Filmed in TV broadcast quality, your video can be featured in commercials, on your website and blog, and popular internet video sites like Myspace, Youtube, Bebo and your official page in the Schiel & Denver bookstore. With the easy embedding feature, anyone can feature the video on their website as well, giving a powerful viral marketing aspect to this incredible tool. Scroll down for prices.

Unless otherwise noted, individual services can be hired by both S&D and External Authors

imageFull-Feature Book Trailer With Professional Voice Over - From $8,999
Schiel & Denver is offering you an incredible opportunity to attract millions of readers, and potentially multiply your books sales, using the visual power of web-based TV/Video medium to market your book in a unique and thrilling way. Learn more
imageChildren's Book Trailer With Professional Voice Over - From $13,999
Today, children are surfing the internet in greater numbers than ever before. Children as young as five now know how to send emails, surf youtube and play games online. In a safe and parent controlled environment Schiel & Denver Book Publishers can help children's authors connect safely with their young readers. Social Media sites like Bebo and Myspace attract millions of children, and their parents, making cartoon and animated children's book trailers the perfect marketing tool. Learn more

Watch some example book video trailers done by the same studio that Schiel & Denver use

The Secret Scroll by Ronald Cutler (Beaufort Books)

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Vanish by Tessa Gerritsen (Ballentine Books)

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Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.