Sunday August 11 , 2013
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Core Book Marketing Services

If you want your book to reach out to respected local, regional and national media organizations, as well as film directors and producers, you need to start by laying firm foundations with some key publicity essentials. Our core publicity services are designed by experienced marketeers and professional publicists, to help you construct a compelling and targeted media campaign - not just a media buzz or vague gloss - that will help get people talking about your book in the right circles, with a professional literary context.

Recommended for every author Retail Buyer's Preview - $100
Allow the key bookbuyers at retail book stores (chain and independent), library purchasers and indie trade accounts around the world, to make informed purchasing decisions, by granting crucial reading access to a selected preview from your book. Learn more


imageBook Launch Tool Kit - $299
Introduce your writing to new readers, and nurture and develop your grassroots fanbase by professionally announcing the official launch publication of your book. The Book Launch Tool Kit is perfect to coincide with any planned book launch parties. Learn more
imageTargeted Press Release Campaign - From $1,399
Schiel & Denver's professional and eye-catching press releases, written by experienced marketing professionals, and distributed to carefully targeted journalists and editors, will help get your book publicized through the Associated Press (AP) network and the world's foremost professional media (broadcast and online) This service runs primarily through S&D's regular book publishing fax lines. Learn more
image Newswire Service - $1,599
Harness one of the most powerful tools in modern book publishing. The satellite newswire will deliver your book information as an electronic data stream, via U.S. satellites, directly to the desktops, blackberrys, and media databases of thousands of broadcast, print, and internet media companies, all over the world; from London to Los Angeles. Learn more
imageSocial Media Kit and Professional Blog Design - $2,499
Engage powerful new income streams with social media marketing, a new venue that you can use to market and promote your book to an audience of millions of readers. Social media centers around interaction with potential readers and works virally, spreading news of your book across the internet in lucrative information streams. Learn more
image Personal Publicist - $8,999
Hiring an S&D personal publicist to actively pitch and market your book is a long-term and prudent business decision. We work with only Schiel & Denver-approved media outlets, ensuring the right key note at local, regional and national levels. Learn more
image Book Review Marketing Campaign - $9,999
Enjoy a powerful suite of book marketing tools including professional website design (GOLD), Social Media Network and Professional blog design, Amazon Search Inside and Google Book Search, Targeted Press Release (5 million outlets), your own press pack and 250 postcards sent to a targeted audience of influential literary journalists, and producers, with our exclusive list of insider media contacts. Learn more

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.