Saturday August 10 , 2013
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Corporate Citizenship

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers is a multifaceted and diverse organization. With authors and clients all over the world, the understanding and acceptance of cultural and religious differences are a natural part of our mindset and behaviour. We thus respect and use our differences as strengths in our daily work. As a member of the United nations Global Compact, we wish to be an active part of the local communities in which we operate, and respected as a responsible corporate citizen. We generally engage in projects that promote our core Christian values and support training and education.

As good corporate citizens we support and donate to relief efforts – where relevant and appropriate for us – e.g. California wild-fire relief and Breast Cancer Awareness. Specifically, Schiel & Denver donates a portion of our bookstore sales to support Breast Cancer research and education.

Fundamental Business Principles

We have implemented global and local practices that strive to ensure equal job, career, reward and development opportunities throughout the Schiel & Denver Group such as our global recruitment processes. We recognise the power of good examples and the importance to communities of companies conducting business in an ethical and lawful manner. In all our activities, we strive to be role models for good business behaviour. This includes acting according to high ethical standards and respecting local laws and culture.

We are against corruption and it is our policy to work against corrupt practices by constantly focusing on anti-corruption measures that we are able to take as a company. This includes refraining from bribery.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We have a firm policy that any form of discrimination – or violence – pertaining to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, language, religion, political or other opinion, cultural background, ethnicity or other distinguishing characteristics will not be tolerated.

Health & Safety

We are committed to conducting our activities in a lawful manner that protects the health and safety of all personnel working under our direction, including contractors working at our facilities, and we seek to continuously reduce and mitigate health and safety risks at work. All our employees have, as a prime responsibility, the obligation to protect themselves, their colleagues and third parties from any harm arising from our activities.

Accordingly, Schiel & Denver's Health & Safety Policy is as follows:

We strive to promote the health and safety of all our employees through awareness and training of our employees, sound operating procedures and by setting high standards for well-maintained printing facilities, both in our North American and European warehousing installations, international operating facilities and equipment in general, and by rigorous monitoring of our performance with the aim to eliminate any personal injuries in our work place.We encourage our employees to freely report ways and means that improve overall safety performance.

Freedom of Association

Open communication and direct engagement between employees and management is the most effective way to address workplace issues. We respect the rights of our employees to associate freely, join labour unions and/or join workers’ councils and to bargain collectively in accordance with local laws and regulations. Schiel & Denver employees are free to communicate openly with management regarding working conditions without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. Whereas we recognise freedom of expression, we do not accept any form of propaganda in our workplace.

Zero tolerance on forced labour and child labor

The Schiel & Denver Group does not employ children nor do we use forced labor in any form.

Security Measures

In close co-operation with international and local authorities, we endeavour to take all precautions necessary to maintain at all times high security standards and security awareness within our organisation, at both publishing and printing facilities and warehousing operations. Accordingly, it is Schiel & Denver's policy to seek to protect the group and its employees from illegal acts with respect to security and to show constant care to prevent breaches of security associated with our operations.

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