Saturday August 10 , 2013
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Access PubEasy: Schiel & Denver Trade Catalogs

Booksellers & Retailers Information

We provide this area for the book trade, where booksellers and retailers can preview each of Schiel & Denver Book Publisher's current and forthcoming ISBN books, including rights, bibliographical and ordering information. Booksellers can use their PubEasy login details to access Schiel & Denver's Pubeasy online ordering and inquiry portal below, where booksellers can check the availability of Schiel & Denver books in our U.S. warehouses as well as place and track orders directly on line.

Author Information

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers markets all our ISBN book titles to bookstores each month in our professional trade catalog. If you want to enable traditional brick and mortar bookstores to place your book on shelves inside their stores, please consider a subscription to Schiel & Denver Book Publisher's bookstore returns program.

The bibliographical information supplied through the Schiel & Denver trade catalog is an exact print-off of the page in the Schiel & Denver Official Publishers Bookstore, which you can correct and update at any time. Please note that the bibliographical material available through PubEasy is based on the printed catalogs at the time your book was published; it is not updated thereafter, even if the publication details are later amended.