Saturday August 10 , 2013
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Author Toolbox

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers provides both current and prospective authors with clear and consistent information about the fine print of our book publishing products and services. If you have questions about Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, please call us toll free at 832-699-0264.


Easy Book Publishing Instructions

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers offer a straightforward, easy 11-step book publishing process that is tried and tested to make great books that succeed in the professional retail marketplace. From editorial to book design and distribution, our U.S. based book publishing experts bring a thoroughness and independent book publishing strategy that ensures that your ISBN publication will have the right support.


Author Agreement

Feel free to bookmark our agreement page for future reference. Our non-exclusive author agreement is fair, transparent and legally protects your rights by putting you in control of your book with our professional support. Our Authors get live production reports on their ISBN publication's progress and we provide round the clock support with our Whatever/Whenever support system; another aspect of Schiel & Denver's high touch customer service that sets us apart.

S&D Distributors

Our International Distributors

Schiel & Denver works with thousands of leading book distributors, wholesalers and bookstores including the top chains like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Books-a-million and we supply ivy league college stores like Harvard and Cornell Universities college bookstores.

Although there is too many to list on our site, we feel it's important to highlight a few of our most important book publishing partners to give authors some insight into the power of Schiel & Denver Book Publishers global book distribution across North America, Canada, Europe and beyond.

Print Runs

Trade Print Runs For All New Books

At Schiel & Denver, our authors are our partners and we make our money from selling great books. As of 2012, Schiel & Denver remains one of the few independent book publishers that commits to a trade print run of 300 - 8,000 copies (depending on your chosen book publishing package) to major booksellers warehouses for all new books we publish, guaranteeing IN STOCK listings with thousands of leading book distributors, wholesalers and retailers including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Chapters Indigo and Books-a-million.

Book Pricing

Intelligent Book Pricing

As part of Schiel & Denver Book Publisher's founding commitment to give an international platform to new and independent authors, Schiel & Denver seeks to ensure that our books are reasonably priced and marketed at a standard the book buying public expects. Unlike our competitors, we won't put a price on your book that is above the market average, and that's why so many of our authors profit from their work and easily recoup their publishing fees.

Publish By Mail

Publish By Mail

At Schiel & Denver, you can submit your manuscript via USB or CD/DVD, and let our book publishing professionals turn your work into a beautifully published soft or hard cover, or eBook. Please note that we can no longer accept handwritten or typed manuscripts.

Please note that there is a $100 administration fee to publish by mail.

Book Discounts

Volume Book Discounts Club

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers gives huge discounts to balance the cost of our authors purchasing copies of their book for local marketing purposes and booksignings. Please note their is NO obligation for authors to buy copies of their own books. Books can be shipped to any address worldwide from our printing facilities in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Maine. If you require an order of over 500 books, our offset printing rates are some of the lowest in the business.

Quality Control

Quality Printing Control

Schiel & Denver only uses the finest book-making materials, sourced from ISO14001 U.S. suppliers. We guarantee that both you and your readers will be satisfied with the high quality of our books, which are equivalent to anything that can be found in a retail bookstore environment like Barnes & Nobles. Picking one of our books off a shelf, the book buying public cannot tell the difference between our digitally printed title and a traditional publisher's offset title.

EBM Program

Espresso Book Machine

At Schiel & Denver Book Publishers, as well as our main U.S. printing facilities that operate 365 days a year printing books to orders across America, you can choose to make your book available in college bookstores, libraries and ski resorts through the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) Channel. Described as an ATM for books, numerous universities and stores across the U.S. and Canada have already signed up to the program, with thousands more expected by the end of 2011.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.