Saturday August 10 , 2013
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Bookstore Returns Program - $699

Schiel & Denver's Bookstore Returns Program (BRP) allows authors who wish their readers to be able to physically pick their book up from an in-store bookshelf (opposed to having to order from the customer services desk) to purchase copies of books by walking into a local bookstore like Barnes & Noble. The BRP works by giving your book what is known in the industry as 'returnable status' through Schiel & Denver Book Publisher's international distribution network.

This 'returns status' provides booksellers (both chain and independent) with an incentive to stock a book by giving them the publishers' guarantee that the store will be able to return any unsold copies of a book, back to Schiel & Denver Book Publishers' warehouses, for a credit and without having to pay for any shipping and handling costs.

BRP Overview

For new authors, the Bookstore Returns Program is a fantastic tool because it encourages bookstores to stock new titles by removing all the financial risk associated with ordering an inventory of a new book, from the bookstores' perspective. If the book doesn't sell, the store can always return unsold copies back to Schiel & Denver, without losing any money.

The BRP also protects the author however, because if the stores order too many copies of a book that doesn't sell, Schiel & Denver will cover the loss, not the author whose entire exposure will only ever be their $699 investment. As the quality of Schiel & Denver books is equivalent to that of the big publishers, your book will fit right in at a local Barnes & Noble or traditional 'brick and mortar' bookseller like Books-A-Million.

One of S&D's bestselling titles, Geraldo Simas's novel 'Divine Geometry' (Click here for page at Barnes & Noble), regularly receives orders for over 9000 copies, trackable through Baker & Taylor's Publisher Alley. If you feel your book has bestseller potential, investing in the Bookstore Returns Program can be very profitable. Schiel & Denver succeeds by giving authors more choice and control over the book publishing process.

What else do I need to know?

Authors who publish with Schiel & Denver have a natural advantage over self-published authors because we market all our books, free of charge, through our PubEasy traditional catalog to the head buyers at stores like Barnes & Noble and Books-a-million, guaranteeing that bookstores will have all the bibliographical data they need to purchase copies, at least 1 month before your book is published.

Another direct benefit of the BRP, is that this can vastly improve the ease with which an author can schedule bookstore signings - particularly at branches of Barnes & Noble and local U.S. bookstores in their hometown, as the bookstore managers can actually stock copies.

Important Legal Terms

The Bookstore Returns Program (BRP) runs for 12 months and is governed by the terms of your initial signed author agreement with Schiel & Denver and the following legal terms. Schiel & Denver supports standard industry conventions in giving authors choice to determine what will happen to unsold books that are returned to Schiel & Denver from retail booksellers. You can opt to designate your title either "Return and Destroy" or "Return and Deliver".

"Return and Destroy"

Books that are designated as "Return & Destroy" will be destroyed at Schiel & Denver's warehousing facilities. You will not receive your books back, and they will be pulped. This option avoids any shipping and handling expense, and relieves you from the additional expense of processing returned books.

"Return and Deliver"

Select this option and books returned to Schiel & Denver will be returned to you at the current author discount schedule as defined by clause 14 of Schiel & Denver's author agreement. We will carton the returned books and deliver to your address on file. You will receive all returned books back. If you select this option, you will be charged according to the number of books returned plus shipping and handling costs. Please note that cancellation of an ISBN title or termination of agreement does not relieve the Author from returns liability on the ISBN title. The Author will still be liable for the cost of returns together with any related shipping and handling fees following ISBN title cancellation or termination of agreement.

Billing Cycles

To ensure there is no interruption in service, the BRP is automatically re-ordered before the annual BRP billing cycle, however if the author wishes to cancel please open a ticket with booksales department giving written notice of your decision.

The Fine Print

For a brick and mortar store to physically stock your book, they need a standard industry discount, and the option of returning unsold copies - referred to as "returns". These have been the two biggest hurdles for independent authors getting physically stocked in bookstores in recent years.

In publishing, the term "brick and mortar" bookstores is used to differentiate physical 'main street' traditional stores like Barnes & Noble from their online cousins like Amazon. These 'brick and mortar' bookstores are still very important if you want to reach a wide audience of readers.

While it's true that sales through online bookstores like Amazon have increased in the last 10 years, according to Nielsen BookData, an independent organization that specializes in supplying bibliographic information for and about the publishing industry; - upwards of 50% of retail book sales still come through traditional bookstore channels.

Therefore Schiel & Denver offers the bookstore returns program, as part of a trio of powerful tools available only to our authors, that make our books more attractive to stores:

  1. Schiel & Denver automatically applies standard industry discounts of 35% to all our titles.

  2. Schiel & Denver runs a fully staffed booksales department, which produces a bi-annual trade catalog that we use to market your book to U.S. and UK bookstores. We do this FREE of charge for all our titles. This is a unique benefit of publishing with S&D.

  3. Bookstore Returns Program.

Points 1. and 2. are automatically available for all S&D authors. If you are serious about giving bookstores an opportunity to sell your book in large quantities, making it available to bookstores through this Bookstore Returns Program is essential.

Additional Information

What benefits can I expect from the Bookstore Returns Program?

  • Best case: Many review requests requests and orders from bookstores, both in United States and Europe.

  • Average case: A modest amount of review requests and orders from libraries and bookstores over the next six to twelve months.

  • Worst case: You'll get good market exposure.

If I purchase this program, when does a bookstore return unsold copies?

When a bookseller purchases more books than can be sold, these books are considered "unsold copies" or "overstock". Bookstores can return these overstocked titles to Schiel & Denver for a credit. Furthemore, bookstores usually like to give themselves a 'grace period' of about three months before they even pay for the books they've sold. All these returns decisions are made solely at the bookstore's discretion, and are an internal decision of the bookstore; such is the nature of the book publishing industry.

Bookstores and Print-on-Demand Technology

Like many of the world's major academic presses, Schiel & Denver employs innovative, environmentally-friendly print-on-demand technology that ensures our authors make a profit on every copy of their book that is sold. Bookstores do not have any problems with print-on-demand technology, which produces high quality trade books, comparable in production standards to any major trade press. Through S&D's international distribution network, your book is always orderable through thousands of bookstores in over 100 countries, across 4 continents, within 24 hours.

Schiel & Denver's friendly book publishing professionals are available to help you choose the right mix of book publishing services and products for your book. Open a ticket with our 24/7 author support department to discuss your book publishing options.